Why Japanese Face Masks are ALL the Rage in 2020

Japanese Face Masks

Japanese face masks are officially a must-have part of any beauty routine. What started out as something of a novelty has swiftly become a necessary aspect of every good skincare regimen. They’re easy-to-use, full of ingredients that nurture and pamper your skin, and many of them are super cute, too! They can replace other stand-alone products in your line-up such ...

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5 Awkward Summer Problems Every Female Suffers

Awkward Summer Problems

Let's not beat about the bushes, I'll come straight to my point, which is, we have very flashy sunny days in UAE and we females face some dreadful and awkward summer problems such as, heat rash on legs, Summer Sweats, pimples and one very awkward problem is itching at our lady area due to sweating on ingrown hairs and so on!

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Sports Luxe | Embrace the fashion trend of the season


SPORTS LUXE TREND HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN DEFINED BY THE FASHION LEADERS With the huge amount of trends that are rapidly becoming available each year it has become extremely difficult to keep up with the constant demands in the fashion world. Some trends will always be timeless, but there are so many fads, lasting around 3 months, becoming a quickly forgotten ...

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