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6 Tried and Tested Benefits of Rice Water for Hair and Face

Benefits of Rice Water for Hair & Face – Your Secret Weapon for beauty

There is much talk going on about the benefits of rice water and when I tried to look for it I find out that internet is exploded with several content about Rice Water for hair and Skin. Do you know what are the benefits of Rice Water on Hair and Skin?

You can say that for women rice water is a secret of weapon to enhance the beauty. It is important to know that ice water contain several minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for our skin and hair such as:

  • Amino Acid
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals

Therefore, due to aforementioned properties there are remarkable benefits of Rice water on Hairs and Skin.

Rice Water for Skin – Does it give you Korean Glass Skin?

Korean Glass Skin with Rice Water

Several blogs have mentioned various scientific and chemical terminology to prove its benefits. Some says 1000 years ago ancient Japanese were using rice water for beauty and medicinal purposes.

Some exploded it as Korean beauty remedies which had been followed by famous Korean beauty pageant that let them look approximately 10 to 15 years younger than their age. By anyway they cannot fool me… ??

I know Japanese and Korean Unhesitatingly goes under knife to achieve their looks. Yes, that’s true not all but most of them actually, you can even find several content on YouTube where they change their entire look miraculously.

They completely change whole personality of the person. Well! now it’s not limited to Korean and Japanese infact women from around the world are ready to take any step to achieve their best look.  Let’s not go that far, we should better stick on our topic.

So, I am 39 years old and just left my job out of my health and personal life concern. My skin has different patches, dark circles and it doesn’t look healthy at all. Thankfully, due to normal to healthy diet I still do not have wrinkles on my face which actually hides my age for at least 5 years younger maybe…

I guess it’s good thought to make myself happy ?….

I concluded that I am the best candidate to verify what people has claimed about benefits of Rice water. As I am firm believer of few facts that 1000 years before there were not so much pollution and their diet was even pure and healthy….

They probably not even know about ice cream other than snowfall and KFC should probably way to heavy for them.

Considering that I do not rely on what others did in past but not to mention that we are survivors of this polluted environment, where our organic food is actually grown with chemically treated organic soils.

Benefits of rice water on skin

To begin with my experience lets first discuss about the Rice water benefits for Skin. There are several benefits of Rice water for face. I will include few of these here that I witness myself:

1- Rice Water as an Anti – Aging Agent:

Rice water contains antioxidant that helps in maintain the elasticity of Skin thus it slower the process of Anti-aging by preventing the activity of elastase (it is an enzyme that damages the elastin)

2- Rice Water for Skin Brightening:

Rice water is used in various beauty soaps and creams due to its several benefits on our Skin. One of these benefits of Rice water is Skin Brightening. It’s regular use reduces blemishes and brighten the skin.

3- Rice Water Soothes Sunburn:

Rice water soothes the Sunburn as well. Many people use it as a treatment for extreme sunburn, redness, inflammation and itchy area on Skin. 

At the same time its milky starchy texture tighten and tone the skin all you need to do is that to apply rice water on your face before going to bed. Leave it whole night and wash your face with cold water in morning.

How to Apply Rice Water on Face for Korean Glass Skin:

Guys, I know you have watched several videos on youtube to achieve Korean Glass skin with Rice Water but most of these youtube bloggers are using other cosmetics treatments as well to get smooth and glowing skin therefore we cannot be sure if these are the results of Rice water or other treatments.

Therefore, I have tried some of these recipes myself to verify benefits of Rice Water and it’s been a week that I have been Applying Rice water on my face to start achieving visible results.

Rice water

First of all, before starting any remedy or treatment we should try to detox our body from harmful impurities and to avoid taking junk food as much as possible. Still if we want to soothe our junk food craving then cooking at home is best option as at least while cooking you would know what’s actually you are galloping.

Well after all the above healthy lecture which was actually necessary because if you are not healthy inside than we cannot get proper outer results.

Application of Rice water on Face for glowing Skin  and Glass Skin:

In order to get Korean Glass Skin I was following below mentioned steps every night.

First night before going to bed I thoroughly washed my face with my all time favorite face wash and after rinsing with normal water I applied rice water on my face with the help of natural cotton pads that ae easily available in supermarkets.

I tried to gently remove all impurities from my face and neck.

I did not get satisfied by just gently rubbing cotton pads on my face so I started doing some massage on my face and neck.

I did gentle massage near eye areas with the tip of my fingers. Make sure you don’t rub your fingers on eye, your massage movement should be very soft, slow and gentle as our eyes surrounds with very delicate skin rubbing it may cause wrinkles around eyes.

Next morning when I woke up I washed my face with cold water but first day I noticed some small pimples on my left cheek that disappeared after few hours and in evening there were no sign of them. My skin was not that dry as it used to be normally.

I did same procedure for 7 consecutive nights that actually faded few brown spots from my face. It lessen pigmentation, reduces dark circles around my eyes and the most visible result I found is glow on my skin. With some light patches and brown spots my skin started to shine and the skin texture is also improved.

My skin gets smooth and delicate after using Rice water.

I would definitely continue to apply rice water on my face for at least a month to take full benefits of Rice water on my face. For those who has Wrinkles or age spot on their must give it try for at least a week as it shows its results in days only. (please do share your results and photos if possible).

And by the ways it is not necessary that you will just apply this recipe in night. No, not at all….I know some people cannot sleep properly if they apply something on their face so for them if they want to get benefits of Rice water than they can apply any time in the day.

Just apply rice water on your face and hands and leave for for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour and than rinse your face with cold water. I am doing this as well.

Rice Water for Hairs – How I repaired my damaged Hairs with Fermented Rice Water

When I started writing whole details about the benefits of rice water I also thought to sprinkle my experience about Rice water benefits for hair. You must be asking Is Rice Water good for your hair? Yes,  some cosmetics studies suggests several benefits of Rice water for hairs as it reduces friction between hair strands and improves its elasticity.

In my early teens my Grandma told me this tip of Rice water because at that time I did some highlights on my hairs which results in broken and damage hairs. My hairs got in such a worse condition that I was planning to cut my hairs because these were almost like hay sticks.

So my Grandma got to know about my problem and then she told me few very great remedies to get back natural shine of my hair as well as to restore my hair health. So the Fermented Rice water tip for hairs was one of the million dollar remedy for me.

Hair Repair with Rice Water

Benefits of Rice Water for Hairs

Since we are talking about benefits of Rice water than why not share about rice water benefits for hairs and the tip that helped me achieve best Rice water results on my hairs.

1- Improves Hair Growth

Rice water is actually a all in one miracle for your hairs. The amino acid in water help regenerate the hairs and aid faster growth of Hairs. Its regular application also reduce hair fall and strengthen the hair.

2- Reduces Split Ends:

Split ends are the nightmare for hairs. Due to split ends our hairs look rough and unhealthy. In order to avoid Split ends our hairs needs plenty of protein and Rice water contains sufficient amount of protein that helps in reduction in split ends.

Soak your hair split end in Rice water for 10 to 15 minutes than wash with normal tap water.

3- Tame and Condition our Hair

Rice water is an excellent conditioner. After washing hair it is best to rinse your hairs with rice water. Regular use of Rice water improves the texture of hairs.

How to Apply Rice Water on Hair

So, according to my Grandma tip after taking full shower I am rinsing my hair with fermented rice water  in order to get smoother, silky and untangled hairs. I am not directly applying fermented rice water but diluting it with water and apply it for 20 to 30 minutes than rinse again with fresh water.

I am using this tip twice a week. You will see improvement of your hair health in two to three weeks.

How to prepare Plain & Fermented Rice Water at home?

Benefits of Rice Water Recipe

After reading all these benefits of Rice water you also wanted to apply this Diy tip and therefore now definitely you are looking for the recipe for preparing rice water.

I know internet is flooded with several recipes of rice water such as soaking rice in water or by boiling rice and some apply fermented rice water. I have also gone through some of these recipes and here I am mentioning what exactly I did to achieve most benefits of Rice water.

Here I am sharing my recipe of Rice Water :

Recipe # 1:

  1. I took 2 table spoon of basmati rice, you can take any type of rice that is easily available at home.
  2. Rinse rice properly with running water and soak it for about 15 minutes in a glass of water.
  3. Than pour rice with water in a saucepan and boil it for about 5 minutes or until rice get soften.
  4. Strain water from the boiled rice and let it cool properly in room temperature.
  5. Save this water in airtight jar and store in refrigerator for about 1 week.
  6. Apply this mixture before going to bed as I mentioned above.

Even though, this recipe is very quick and easy but some studies suggests to not boil rice in water because it can evaporate some required minerals or vitamins.

Therefore, I used this Recipe for a week and it shows me some visible results than I tried second recipe of rice water for face which is as under.

Recipe # 2:

  1. I took 1/2 cup of Rice water.
  2. Wash it properly until all impurities are removed.
  3. Soak rice in 3 to 4 cups of water for about 3 to 4 hours.
  4. After 3 to 4 hours strain water from Rice
  5. Now you can apply this Plain Rice water on your face.
  6. You can store this plain rice water for a week in an air tight jar.

This recipe is also very easy and most of the people were using this same recipe so I thought to give it try as well. It only took 3 to 4 hours and Rice water was ready to use.

You can also watch this video for the Authentic Tried & Tested Recipe to Get Most Benefits of Rice Water:

Source: MyBreezyLife

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and give us feedback on our efforts.

Recipe of Rice Water for Hairs – How to prepare Fermented Rice Water

Recipe # 3:

This below mentioned recipe is an authentic recipe that was told by my Grandma and I was using it to cure my dull and damaged hairs. I used it on my face as well and got remarkable result. You will get most benefits of rice water with this recipe.

  1. Take 1/2 cup of any type of rice whichever is available at home
  2. Wash it properly until all impurities are gone
  3. Now Soak these washed rice in 5  to 6 cup of water for 24 hours or until it gives sour taste.
  4. Strain Rice water and rinse or wash your hairs with this Fermented Rice Water

Benefits of Rice Water Recipe

How to Store Rice Water

I never stored this Fermented rice water and I was preparing it a day earlier I had to rinse my hairs. But I have read several articles about the benefits of Rice water and few of them claiming that you can store this Fermented Rice water for 3 days and few said it ok to store for a week.

In order to store rice water take a air tight jar and pour rice water in it. Store this Rice water in refrigerator for about week.

However, in my opinion its best to just prepare when you needed I mean with the same procedure I mentioned above as I got the result with that only also my Grandma also refrained me for storing Fermented Rice water.

Side Effects of Rice Water on Hair and Face:

I only acknowledged benefits of rice water on hair and skin. I have been using Rice water since long but never come across with and side effect. Also, when you are using any product it is best to use in certain limit because nothing is useful above limits. That is the reason use rice water only twice a week not daily but on skin I am using it every night and getting best results.

I have read some blog posts and researches that claim benefits of rice water for weight loss but I never tried it. I ‘ve gained a lot of weight due to hypothyroidism therefore I am thinking to try loose some extra pounds but meanwhile I am trying some exercises to lose upper back fat which I have shared in my previous post.

It says there are several benefits of Rice water for Stomach. It give some good results to ulcer patients as well but in my opinion no matter how much researches or studies you read on internet it is always a good practice to consult with your doctor before trying any remedy to cure such disease.


I already knew Benefits of Rice water for hairs but I never tried it earlier. After reading several content on internet I did try myself and I admitted pretty obvious Rice water before and after results . Therefore, I can also confirm benefits of Rice water for Skin and Hairs.

And yes, I have made some mask and scrub with rice water and has started using it after 7 days of rice water application. I am planning to use them twice a week as I don’t want to smell like cooked rice but at the same time I really want full benefits of Rice Water.

I would share results and recipes in short span of time. Till than share your thoughts, feedback and results of rice water on your face and hairs.

I would be looking forward for your valuable comments and beauty secrets…

Common Questions People May Ask about Benefits of Rice Water

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