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11 Best DIY Moisturizer for dry skin for Winter

For most women, dry skin problems seem to only happen in the colder season and due to this reason here are a few tried-and-true best diy moisturizer for dry skin for winter-weary skin!.

What Causes Dry Skin in Winter?

You may have heard that the winter weather is more brittle the Skin at this time around. There are lots of factors that contribute to dry, often sensitive skin in winter: cold temperatures and damp air, harsh cleansers and products used to manage oils and fight pimples, skin-care myths that no one seems to debunk.

But here’s the thing: dry skin can also be genetic or caused by a gluten intolerance, medications or (more obscure) environmental factors as minor as an unbalanced microbiome. There are many pricks that breakthrough your skin’s natural protection layer on a day-to-day basis and leave it susceptible.

But most importantly, according to Dr. Eric Berg, dry skin is cause by low essential fatty acid i.e. OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6. When we do not have sufficient amount of these unsaturated fatty acid in our diet we encounter dry and flaky skin on our face, nose, feet and hands.

How to take care of dry skin in winter?

People exposed to cold temperatures and harsh drying environments during the holiday periods might not realize that they can suffer dry face, feet and hands. Rain, snow, humidity (or lack thereof), wind – it all affects your skin. It’s not easy protecting our bodies against such damaging things while cooking, shopping, or hosting a party but we should try.

First of all, it is important to include OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6 supplements in our diet which can improve our skin texture however, by any chance if you are unable to include these supplements in your diet then we have brought to you some of the best diy moisturizer for dry skin for winter

This article is full of tips that can help you take care of your skin at home during the cold months. You will learn how you can change up your routine a bit and what home remedies actually help renew membranes and balance water content in the cells/skin cells by preventing them from drying out completely!

6 Tips to combat dry skin in winters

Tips to combat dry skin in winters

Dry skin in winters is inevitable. You might be able to keep your skin looking soft, smooth, and vibrant all winter long by making a few adjustments to your skin care routine and habits and utilizing the proper products.

1- Moisturize your skin

Your skin loses its natural oils whenever you wash your hands, face, or body. Replace these oils frequently because they aid in retaining moisture. Because of this, it’s crucial to hydrate your skin after every wash, especially in the winter. So, always keep a moisturizer handy. I would highly recommend ZENMED Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

2- Do not over exfoliate

The oils in your skin are known to be dried out by soap. Over exfoliation can be harmful for the skin as it can lead to your skin to become flaky and drier than before.

3- Pick up right products

Consider choosing a moisturizer or any cream that has hyaluronic acid and ceramide, two compounds that are beneficial to moisture, rather than botanicals like lavender, tea tree oil, or coconut oil.

4- Use a humidifier

Spending a lot of time in dry and low-humidity environments can have negative impacts on your skin, but using a humidifier in your bedroom can help prevent dry skin.

5- Shorten the length of your showers

When it’s cold outside, taking a long, hot shower feels wonderful, but it’s not so nice if you have dry skin. Over washing can make your skin dry because the heat in

the water dries out the natural oils in your skin. The warmer the water you use, the drier you skin is going to be.

6- Use sunscreen

UV lights in winter can still cause damage to your skin which can lead tp dry skin. Therefore, applying sunscreen is also important.

7- OMEGA 3 Fatty Acid

As specified earlier, main cause of dry skin in winter is low amount of essential fatty acid therefore, it is important to include OMEGA 3 supplements in your diet.

Best DIY Moisturizer for dry skin for Winter

Coffee Face Mask Best DIY Moisturizer for dry skin for Winter

You are not alone if you have dry skin. One or two times per week, apply face masks to soothe and nourish your skin. You won’t need to go out and purchase an expensive product. To get going, take a few items directly from your kitchen cabinets!

Face packs do wonders for dry skin, while strong moisturization, toning, and exfoliation can also contribute to improvement. They can keep moisture in and give your skin a beautiful, healthy appearance. And you may show your skin the attention it needs by using natural and homemade masks for dry skin.

Cucumber Face mask

Cucumber gives a very cooling and soothing feel to the skin making it appear softer and glowy. It is also very soothing for the people experiencing itchiness on skin most commonly on dry skin. It is the most simple and easy to make facepack.

All you need to do is peel and mash the cucumber. Then add sugar to it and refrigerate for some time. Apply it on your face and then leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that rinse it with cold water. For best results, apply this mask twice or thrice a week

Sandalwood Face mask

It works wonders to alleviate skin irritation, flakiness, and dry areas. Utilizing this face pack will also result in an improvement in the tone and texture of the skin.

Take 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and add ¼ teaspoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of rose water in it. Mix everything and make a fine paste. Leave It on for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. You can apply this mask thrice a week.

Egg Yolk Face pack

While egg white helps to remove excess oil from the skin, egg yolk has the exact opposite impact. Its abundance of hydrating fats nourishes and hydrates dry skin.

Beat one egg yolk and add a teaspoon of honey and beat them together. Apply it evenly on face and keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Use this face pack for once or twice a week.

Banana Face pack

The moisturizing, anti-aging, and anti-wrinkle qualities of bananas. Emollients like olive oil and honey can deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. With the help of this face pack, the natural sebum production of the skin can be readily regulated.

Take ½ ripe banana, 1 teaspoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon honey. Mix all these ingredients and make a paste. Apply it all over your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. For best results , add a teaspoon of almond oil and two drops of Vitamin E oil to the paste.

Aloe Vera Face mask is a best moisturizer for winter

Aloe vera gel does wonders for dry skin, the skin is moisturized and renewed with aloe vera. It possesses healing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. After applying this pack, your skin will not only be hydrated but also become glowing and radiant.

Take 2 tablespoons of aloevera, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder. Mix all the ingredients well and apply on face for 15 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water. Apply this face pack twice a week.

Rice Flour Face pack

The rice flour’s granular texture aids in exfoliating dead skin cells and removing flakiness from dry skin. Additionally, rice starch has the capacity to enhance skin barrier performance, which helps calm irritated, dry skin.

 You will need 1 tablespoon rice flour, 1 tablespoon oatmeal and 2 teaspoons honey. Combine all these ingredients together and apply this on skin. Let is sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. Apply this face pack once or twice a week depending on your skin condition.

Cocoa Face mask

Cocoa’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects revive the appearance of dry, lifeless skin. It revitalizes the skin and imparts a healthy glow. This face pack’s coconut milk has tons of moisture for dry skin.

You will need half tablespoon of cocoa powder, ½ tablespoon honey, 1 teaspoon oatmeal or gram flour and 2 teaspoons of coconut milk. Mix all the ingredients and make a paste. Apply this face pack on face evenly and keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Use this face mask only once a week.

Avocado Face mask

For dry skin, avocado is highly moisturising and nourishing. It has lots of good fats that are great             for hydrating and boosting collagen in the skin.

You will need 2 teaspoons of mashed avocado and 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon rose water. To the mashed avocado paste, add honey and rose water. Mix everything and apply it on your face for 10 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Apply this face pack once a week.

Coffee Face mask

Coffee grounds can help exfoliate the skin, decreasing flakiness, while also boosting collagen levels and reducing free radical damage making coffee masks beneficial for dry skin.

You will need 1-2 tablespoons of coffee grounds, ½ tablespoon of red or green clay, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a splash of rose water. Blend all these ingredients together and apply it on your skin and keep it on for 15 minutes.

Do not use coconut oil if you are prone to breakouts as it has tendency to clog pores. Use plain yogurt instead of coconut oil.

Turmeric Face mask

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities can rehydrate dry skin and bring back its elasticity.

You will need 2 teaspoon milk, a pinch of turmeric powder and a cotton ball. Mix the turmeric in the milk. Apply it on face using a cotton ball. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off. Use this mask once every 2-3 days. Do not use this mask if you are allergic to dairy.

Chia Seed and Seaweed Moisturising Face Mask for Dry Skin

One of the best Moisturising face Pack I am going to recommend here is using chia seed and seaweed Face Pack. It is very simple to make this facial mask which is then going to give you the result of more moisture in your face.  

Combine six teaspoons of water in a little container and two teaspoons of grounded chia seed so that it can release some of these oils such as OMEGA 3 fatty acid and then add a teaspoon of seaweed powder. 

You can either take a seaweed tablet from a supplement and open up one of the capsules or you can get some dry seaweed and crinkle it up then add one teaspoon of Extra Virgin olive oil. Mix all these Ingredients and apply this to your face for 15 minutes.

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Dry skin is cause by low essential fatty acid i.e. OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6. When we do not have sufficient amount of these unsaturated fatty acid in our diet we encounter dry and flaky skin on our face, nose, feet and hands.