Discover the Top 12 Cruelty-Free Makeup Products of 2023

Beauty of Joseon SPF 50

Dual-functionality skincare and makeup unite in this gentle, lightweight SPF. Ideal for under-eye wear, it provides stellar protection without any stinging.


Elf Halo Glow & Revolution Foundation

Elf's Halo Glow Liquid Filter balances coverage and natural glow, while Revolution's Super Serum Foundation hydrates dry skin with an affordable touch.


Trinny London BFF Serum

Trinny London's BFF DE-Stress Serum steals the spotlight, perfect for healthy, glowing skin with its creamy yet lightweight texture.


UOMA Beauty Primer

UOMA Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer is a gem, offering illumination and blurring for a flawless base, becoming an indispensable step for radiant complexion.


Revolution Pro & Urban Decay

Revolution Pro's concealer departs, but Urban Decay's matte, long-wearing Quickie Concealer steps up. Recommendations for a replacement are welcomed!


The Body Shop Face Powder

The Body Shop Face Powder takes the crown for setting, coverage, and imperfection-blurring with its matte finish.


Charlotte Tilbury, MUA, & Rare Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury's Airbrush Bronzer, MUA's Cream Bronzer, and Rare Beauty's Bronzer Stick offer warm, blendable options in powder and cream.


Collection & The Body Shop

Collection's Gorgeous Glow Blush and The Body Shop's Freestyle Cream Blush add a pop of color with a seamless, natural finish.


Sahara Dunes & Urban Decay

Despite packaging struggles, Sahara Dunes Eyeshadow Palette shines. Urban Decay's Space Cowboy Glitter Topper transforms any eyeshadow into magic.


Rare Beauty Black Mascara

Rare Beauty's Black Mascara earns accolades for thickening lashes and resisting smudging, perfect for efficient and travel-friendly use.


Fenty Beauty, Collection, & Ere Perez

Fenty Beauty's Hydrating Lip Stain, Collection's Gloss Me Up Lip Glosses, and Ere Perez Acai Lip Pencil offer vibrant color and hydration.


3INA & Revolution

3INA's liquid pen eyeliner excels in precision, and Revolution's Eye Crayon offers a subtle brown for everyday wear.


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