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Discover 2023’s Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Welcome readers, today in this article I am going to share with you my favorite cruelty free beauty products that I have used in the past year. In this article, you’ll find a mix of old favorites and new products that have adorned my makeup collection. From skincare to makeup,  all of these products are cruelty-free and meet vegan criteria. These products have also become an integral part of my daily beauty routine. Join me on this short journey through the beauty picks of 2023.

14 Best Cruelty Free Beauty Products of 2023

1- Skincare Savior: Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice and Probiotics SPF 50

Starting with cruelty-free skincare, the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice and Probiotics SPF 50 is my favorite Product. This hybrid product seamlessly provide dual functionality of skincare and makeup. With its gentle, lightweight, and non-irritating formula, it is perfect for wearing it under the eyes, offering excellent protection without any stinging.

2- Base Beauties: Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter and Revolution Super Serum Hyaluronic Acid Foundation

Moving on to cruelty-free makeup products, first, we have base products. The Elf Halo Glow Liquid Filter continues to be a front-runner, ideal for a no-makeup makeup look. It gives perfect balance between coverage and a natural glow. Another foundation making waves is Revolution’s Super Serum Hyaluronic Acid Foundation. A thin, hydrating formula that’s a blessing for dry skin, this lightweight foundation stands out in the affordable range.

3- Creamy Complexion: Trinny London BFF DE-Stress Serum

For a face with healthy and glowing looks, the Trinny London BFF DE-Stress Serum steals the spotlight. Perfect for mature or dry skin, its creamy yet lightweight texture leaves a beautiful, blurring effect.

4- Face Perfection: UOMA Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer

In the quest for a flawless base, the UOMA Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer stands out as a true gem. It remains incomparable, while providing illumination and blurring for a flawless base. An essential part of my beauty routine, this primer has proven its worth with its extraordinary ability to provide illumination and blur imperfections seamlessly. Its lightweight formula creates the perfect canvas for makeup application, ensuring a radiant and long-lasting finish. As a go-to choice, the UOMA Beauty Trippin Smooth Primer has become an indispensable step in achieving a flawless and radiant complexion.

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5- Concealer Chronicles: Revolution Pro Ultimate Radiant Under Eye Concealer and Urban Decay Naked Quickie Concealer

A tale of heartbreak in the beauty world: the discontinuation of my beloved Revolution Pro Ultimate Radiant Under Eye Concealer. Offering medium coverage with a lightweight feel, it leaves no creases – a concealer that truly changed the game. As a worthy substitute, the Urban Decay Naked Quickie Concealer steps up with its matte, long-wearing finish. Any recommendations for a replacement are welcome as I brace myself for the concealer hunt.

6- Powder Power: The Body Shop Face Powder

The Body Shop Face Powder earns its place as the powder champion of the year. With a refilling compact and a formula that sets, adds coverage, and blurs imperfections, it stands out in the matte powder category.

7- Bronzer Bliss: Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer, MUA Bronzed Cream Bronzer, and Rare Beauty Bronzer Stick

Cruelty Free beauty products

In the world of bronzers, the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Bronzer, especially in shade number two, remains an unwavering favorite. Cream bronzers enter the scene with MUA Bronzed Cream Bronzer in caramel, offering a warm, blendable option. Meanwhile, Rare Beauty’s warm wishes bronzer presents a creamy, hydrating alternative in a slightly cool tone. For those who lean towards powder, Charlotte Tilbury’s bronzer is the go-to choice.

8- Blush Bonanza: Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush and The Body Shop Freestyle Cream Blush

For rosy cheeks, Collection Gorgeous Glow Blush takes the lead with its petal pink hue and a seamless, natural finish. The Body Shop Freestyle Cream Blush introduces a matte shade that’s perfect for those who favor cream products. Both add a pop of color without overwhelming the look.

9- Eye-catching Shadows: Sahara Dunes Eyeshadow Palette and Space Cowboy Glitter Topper

Sahara Dunes Eyeshadow Palette, despite its packaging struggles, emerges as a favorite for its neutral and simple tones. When the desire for ethereal glimmer strikes, Urban Decay’s Space Cowboy glitter topper steals the show. Its versatile application transforms any eyeshadow into a magical, wet-looking masterpiece.

10- Eyeliner Excellence: 3INA Pen Eyeliner and Revolution Eye Crayon

In the realm of eyeliners, 3INA’s liquid pen eyeliner remains a top choice, excelling in precision and deep pigmentation. For a more subtle effect, Revolution’s Eye Crayon in a subtle brown shade proves reliable for everyday wear.

11- Mascara Magic: Rare Beauty Black Mascara

Rare Beauty’s Black Mascara earns its accolades for thickening lashes and resisting smudging. Its mini size makes it not only efficient but also perfect for travel.

12- Lip Love: Fenty Beauty Hydrating Lip Stain, Collection Gloss Me Up Lip Gloss, and Ere Perez Acai Lip Pencil

Ere Perez Acai Lip Pencil

Luscious lips are achieved with the Fenty Beauty Hydrating Lip Stain, offering vibrant color and a hydrating finish. Collection Cosmetics Gloss Me Up Lip Glosses, at an affordable £2.99, provide a juicy tube experience without the stickiness. Meanwhile, Ere Perez Acai Lip Pencilin an unnamed shade has won the title of my perfect pink, becoming a staple in my lip routine.

13- Tools of the Trade: Viv Pencil Sharpener, Real Techniques Sponge, and Tropic Duo Brush

Essential tools like the Viv Pencil Sharpener prove to be game-changers. Meanwhile, the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge remains a reliable choice for a flawless finish. Tropic’s Duo Brush, with its blend of fluffy and dense ends, proves versatile and travel-friendly.

14- Cruelty-Free Perfumes: Glossier You, Sol De Janeiro 68 Perfume Mist, and Floral Street Wonderland Peony

In the world of scents, Glossier You retains its classic status with its slightly musky warmth. Sol De Janeiro 68 Perfume Mist provides a lighter, fruity alternative to the famed Baccarat Rouge scent. On the other hand, Floral Street Wonderland Peony stands out with its uplifting, happy notes.

As 2023 bids farewell, these cruelty-free beauty products stand as a testament to a year of innovation and self-expression. While some favorites face the unfortunate fate of discontinuation, others emerge as unexpected treasures. As we step into the Roaring 20s of 2024, may the journey continue with new innovations, exciting releases, and a celebration of individuality through makeup. Here’s to a beautiful year ahead!

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