1. What is MyBreezyLife?

MyBreezyLife ia a online portal for Latest News, entertainment, sport, health & Fitness, Foods & Beverages and Lifestyle. User can find online information related above stated interests since we believe to save the TREES therefore paper reduction is mandatory.

2. How to Contact Mybreezylife?

We believe on fast and economical way to get in touch with our readers. Our Readers can contact us either through mybreezylife26@gmail.com or via Contact us Form.

Browser Compatibility

1. Do I need a special browser or software to view the website?

We try to accommodate all of our user’s preferences, so www.mybreezylife.com supports all major browsers. You will get a message if you are using a browser we believe is out of date.

Contributions and Submissions

1. How do I send news stories to MyBreezyLife?

If you have any news stories you would like to share with MyBreezyLife or if you would like to contribute to any of our categories, you can do so by contacting us to our email mybreezylife26@gmail.com.

2. How MybreezyLife reward my contribution to the site?

We at MyBreezyLife appreciates good and well researched content , which doesn’t hurts or effects ones  privacy & emotions. If your content match with our privacy policies we submit your content on our site along with the brief description of Author and one link to their site.

3. How can I comment on an article I’ve read?

MyBreezyLife often asks our reader for comments and opinions. Simply fill out the comment form open for an article. Please note that comments are subject to moderation and approval before publication to the site.

Search and Archive

1. How do I search on MyBreezyLife.com?

Search is simple. Just type whatever comes to mind in the search box, hit Enter or click on the Search button, and www.mybreezylife.com will search the site for pages that are relevant to your query.