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How to do Comic Book Nail Art | A new Obsession of Tiktok

Comic book Nail art or Comic Pop nail art is the latest obsession on Tiktok. Do you wanna know How to do Comic Book Nail Art? This viral tiktok Pop Nail Art trend is inspired by Comic book is literally inescapable. It is just flooded all over For you page on Tiktok and on Instagram feed. It seems like this manicure style brings back our childhood memories when we all were fond of comic books and cartoon characters.

No matter how much we grew old but we always want to recall and share our childhood memories with our youngsters. And we always try to find a way to live those memories again. Comic book nail art also referred to as Cartoon pop nail art, is one of those trends that take us back to our childhood or at least remind us those days when we love to stick on Cartoons stickers on our hands or on our cheeks and to collect our pocket money to buy new series of our Favorite Comic book.

How to do Comic Book Nail Art
Instagram by @superszponki
Comic Pop Nail Art
Instagram by @yvyvernis

Those days are gone, our childhood is gone but there is this Pop Nail Art trend that is again capturing heart. The manicure style can be simple and minimalist or you can make it bold and vibrant according to your mood and style by providing 3D effects on your nail which can further enhance with painted lines around the tips of your nails to give your nails more sense of Cartoon Art effects.

How to do Comic Book Nail Art at Home?

Good thing is that we can easily perform this manicure at home. Youtuber Sarah Clarke is my favorite youtuber when it comes to Nail Art Tutorial. I always watch her tutorial videos because she makes every step easy yet simple for at home nail painters like me. 

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At home Pop Art Comic Book Nails Art Tutorial

Pop Nail Art
Youtube / By Naio Nails

Sarah shows you how to create these colorful comic book beauties that will brighten up your day in these cold and wet autumn days.

Equipment You Need:

For comic pop nail art you need small detailing brush, Nail paints of your choice, black nail paint, white nail paint and cuticle oil for finishing.


Here is a step by step procedure to do Cartoon Nail Art Manicure at home.

Step 1: Start by removing any previous Nail paint or Nail art and then file your nail shape.

Step 2: Gently remove dead skin around the cuticle area and wipe out access dust from nails.

Step 3: Prepare your nails by applying Primer as usual which removes any access or remaining oil or grease from the nail plate.

Step 4: Fill your cuticle area with Acrylic to give a smooth Popping effect to your nails.

Step 5: You can file or Buff your nails to make your nails flat or equal.

Above steps are additional, you do not need to perform all these steps if you have already prepared your nails and have a nice manicure already done.

Step 6: Once your nails are prepared and ready for Pop nail art Paint, apply your desired or favorite nail paint colors.

Step 7: You can apply simple or minimalist nail color or you can go as bold and vibrant as you want.

Step 8: Let it settle for 30 seconds in LED Light or 2 minutes in UV.

Step 9: Once Nail paint is settled, carefully draw lines with black nail paint around the nails with a tiny detail brush for precision. Don’t forget to keep your hand steady.

Step 10: Add a highlight with black paint and lowlight with white paint. Finally draw a mark on another side with a darker version of each colour already on the nail for the final swoop nail paint to give your nails a Comic pop effect.

Step 11: Finish off your nail art with top coats each nail and use Tropical Punch cuticle oil as the final touch.

She made each step simple and easy to follow.

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