Modest Nisah presenting most stunning and trendy Abaya Trends to be followed this Ramadan 2019 in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

If you are wondering what abaya you need to wear this Ramadan, so you are at the right place. We are bringing our 5 most Fashioned, Trendy and Classy Abayas.

With the evolution in fashion industry Hijabs and Abayas are also modified from its traditional look to fashioned and trendy styles that can be easily adopt by our modern and classy Muslim Women.

Ever since the Modest fashion trends are making waves and creating hype in the high street fashion, we are designing our Hijabs and Abayas to inspire our modern hijabista  

These Fashioned and Classy Abayas have been designed to cater the needs of Muslim Business women as well as today’s  modern Muslimah without decreeing the traditional and cultural values.

Without going further in details lets have some of our latest Abayas that follows the Current Modest Fashion Trends in Ramadan 2019 and Summer 2019.

5 Most Stunning Abaya Trends for Summer and Ramadan 2019


From Gucci to Marc Jacob everyone has exploded the runway with their feathery and fringe collection. Therefore, keeping in consideration we have designed our Abayas to admire our Hijabi Fashionista enabling them to follow this latest fashion trend in our modern and classy styled Feathered Opened Abaya.

Elegant Feather Opened Abaya

An elegant feather opened classy abaya layered in fringe and feathers would be your go to Abaya this Summer and Ramadan 2019. It can be easily staple with your any outfit.


So the forecast is Pearls are in trends the Ramadan. Be it earrings, necklace, shoes or your clothing accessories, pearls always made its way to give a trendy and classy look. Since embellished abayas are not new therefore in 2019 we are seeing Pearl embellished abayas are making buzz this Ramadan. Modest Nisah is featuring this awesome Lace white pearl studded abaya which is in demand by our most of the customers.

Lace White Pearl Embellished Abaya


In order to get some shape most of our modern hijabista choose belted abaya over traditional Abayas. Belted abayas are always in trend in our Fashioned Muslimah such as this Floral Mesh Belted Abaya. It’s a beautiful yet an elegant Abaya features a sash belt at the waist to give a shape. 

product image 926353529 grande


It’s been while since Modern Muslim Women are experimenting some bold looks yet remains modest. In order to align with global fashion they chose some unique and stylish abayas. Now a days many young Muslim women love to wear unique Silhouette such as our Ruffled Silhouette Abaya.

Perfectly blend with the Global fashion this ruffled abaya is your go to abaya this Ramadan. Be bold and trendy this Summer!

Ruffled Silhouette Abaya


Summer 2019 trend is all about mixed Pattern or print Mash-up various designers experimented print mash up in their collections on runway. Following the global trend we have selected this classy piece that can be easily staple with your jeans or pajama. This printed Mash-up Abaya is made of Chiffon. 

Print mash- up abaya

Whether you will buy an abaya online or from the shop at any mall, you should feel trendy, classy and modest. Please follow on us on Instagram @modestnisah to remain updated with the latest modest fashion trends.

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