Discover our 9 cool valentines day ideas to have a great Valentines day 2016, avoiding the usual traffic and restaurants to spend a memorable day at home with your spouse.

February 14th is the day when the entire city gone mad about love. Avoid transit, full restaurants and a thousand other outrages that the city offers , can make a totally different to what valentines day ideas you had in mind for this special date.

Below we discover cool valentines day ideas and excellent tips to make your Valentines Day 2016 an unforgettable experience, is also an excellent choice to flower delivery . The infallible point so that everything goes as you’ve always imagined while planning it.

1. Choose a dish :

The best way to feel the communion in love is coordinated in daily activities . Now it will be a totally different experience because they will to pay homage to love. Plan a light and flavorful menu ; salads and a pasta can be great ideas for tonight ( do not want to remain seated after dinner ) . The idea is to give importance to taste and experience unusual flavors ; This is an open letter to dare to experiment with your favorite flavors .

2. Serve with wine :

It will give a sophisticated touch that can enjoy ; if you do not know which to choose , a sweet and fruity wine will be the best choice , since its perfect for a bonding.

3. The dessert is must

But remember that dinner is only part of the great night of love . Therefore , choose a simple and quick to prepare chocolate covered strawberries or your favorite ice cream dessert.

4. Surprise him :

Surely you know what outfit he likes to see , put it back and recapture your partner from the first sight ; great detail that asset.

valentines day ideas

5. A thousand hearts :

Most significant in this time is love , embodied by the heart symbol . Make your partner feel totally in love and fill every corner of your home with hearts of different sizes and shapes. It will give the perfect atmosphere for this special occasion .

6. Creates a playlist :

Love also enters through the ear , it is the perfect key to be in tune with the occasion . Create a playlist with the most significant songs of your relationship.

7. Fill the air with love :

The atmosphere is very important. Illuminate the room with scented candles awaken your senses in an instant . A sweet smell will keep you and your partner in the perfect tone to be relaxed and perceptive to enjoy every minute of this evening made ​​to remember.

Cool Valentines day Ideas – Best songs to spread the love on your  Valentines Day 

8. Romantic Dance :

Make a little space and turn it into a dance floor . It is the best chance to practice and show off your best moves for the most special public. Tonight is about enjoying , feel and live . Create a playlist for dancing where you include the songs which he likes , it is a night made ​​for enjoying the accomplice of your follies . It’s time to let your hair down !

9. Together under the stars :

A romantic evening is filled with a natural environment, and the stars will be the best witness of your love. Out ( with a blanket if necessary ) and see the sky. Make it fun looking constellations, the brightest star in the sky and forms . Then will come the most romantic moment of the night , where you will be able to say why he is so important to you.

Complement your perfect night with some ( or all) of these additions to our cool valentines day ideas  .

GIVE A MASSAGE : So your partner will relax and be in tune with the occasion.

DALE a surprise gift : a perfect finishing touch . The surprise factor can not miss this special night . Stuffed animals are a must for him . And red roses are infallible for them or you can also give some flowers home .

An original card : Your personal style is noticed, and your partner will value much more effort and intention of your gift. Leave him a clear message of love to your style .

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