Japanese face masks are officially a must-have part of any beauty routine. What started out as something of a novelty has swiftly become a necessary aspect of every good skincare regimen. They’re easy-to-use, full of ingredients that nurture and pamper your skin, and many of them are super cute, too! They can replace other stand-alone products in your line-up such as serums and moisturizers, plus you can use them daily as long as you read up on the ingredients. Some folks in Japan take the time to apply face masks twice a day! If you haven’t tried a facial sheet mask yet, then you need to look into just why Japanese sheet masks are so popular.

Japanese Face Masks Because Glass Skin Is In

The ongoing obsession with smooth glass skin began as a Korean trend, but it quickly jumped to Japan. Japanese beauty gurus and manufacturers pounced at the chance to put out products that encourage a flawless face. Enter Japanese sheet masks. They’re an essential aspect of any glass skin regimen because of all the moisture and nutrients they pack into your skin.

Natural Ingredients for the Win

In most cases, sheet masks contain natural ingredients such as botanical essences and vegetable extracts. It’s not uncommon to find green tea listed as an ingredient, for example. Aloe, apricot, dandelion, and ginseng are just a few of the ingredients that frequently pop up in face masks. Some of them use more esoteric items while others may contain glycolic or salicylic acid to deal with acne and oily skin. Read what’s in each mask before you apply it. The all-natural ones can be used daily, but anything with acne-fighting ingredients should be limited to once a week to avoid irritating your skin and triggering it to produce even more oil.

Versatility, Thy Name Is Japanese Face Masks Sheet

You can find a face mask for anything. No matter your skin type, there are hundreds of sheet masks out there that will benefit your individual complexion. Begin by searching for masks that target combination skin, dry skin, or oily skin, depending on which you have. From there, you can also find masks that are specifically designed to moisturize your skin, refine it, balance your complexion, or cleanse your pores. To that end, the ingredients matter which is also why you need to double-check what’s in your face masks.

Soaking in the Serum

Most Japanese skincare routines include an essence and a serum, two products that aren’t often found in regimens in the United States. Essences and serums give your skin a double-dose of hydration. Fortunately, the majority of Japanese sheet masks are soaked in essences, serums, or both! That’s the substance that coats the face masks and drips all over the place when you pull it out of the packaging. You can even pour out the excess liquid from the packaging and smooth it over your face before or after you apply the mask. Your skin will thank you!

A Mega-Dose of Toner

Face masks are also soaked in toner. Toner is a critical part of any glass skin beauty plan. Many skincare regimens involve applying a separate toner as well as a sheet mask. If that feels right, then you should do you. It certainly won’t hurt! Applying a separate, stand-alone toner can be a hassle when you’re short on time, though, and it can even get messy. After all, the ideal way to apply it is to pour some into your palms and gently press it into your skin. A sheet mask is an efficient substitute for standard toner when you’re short on time and need an all-in-one fix!

Oils and Serums

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Easy Application

In fact, let’s take a moment to praise how easy it is to put on a facial sheet mask. Traditional face masks are fine and dandy, but they’re messy. Whether you apply them with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge, you always wind up with product smeared in weird places, such as the bathroom sink or random strands of hair. In contrast, with Japanese sheet masks, you just unfold the mask, fit it to your face as best you can, smooth it out, and wait anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the mask. When finished, you simply take it off, pat in the excess liquid, and go on your way — what a dream! Just remember to remove your mask before it dries out completely. Otherwise, you risk undoing all of your mask’s hard work.

The Perfect Seal

Sheet masks are made with the perfect paper. Once it’s all saturated with serum and sticking to your face, it creates the ideal seal. None of that precious moisture is leaking out or dripping down your face. All of it soaks into your skin. That’s another reason to remove your mask before it dries out completely. Leave it on too long and the paper may try to reabsorb that moisture.

They’re Too Cute

This is a small point, but it’s worth mentioning. While there are plenty of plain white sheet masks, you can also find colorful options, not to mention masks that are decorated with pretty patterns and prints. To be a bit more extra, why not shop around for face masks featuring your favorite characters? From Winnie the Pooh and Minnie Mouse to magical unicorns and adorable foxes, there are all sorts of designs out there. Doesn’t your beauty return deserve a little fun?

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

The main reason that face masks are so popular is that they hydrate your skin on another level. Traditional masks can’t compete. All of the essences, serums, and toners found in sheet masks seep deep into your skin, packing it full of much-needed moisture. As a result, with regular use, your skin will appear smoother, your pores will be smaller, and your complexion will have an enviable glow that will make everyone beg you for your beauty secrets.

With all of these benefits, how can you resist using Japanese face masks ? Try one just once and you’ll never go back to your old skincare routine.

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