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Best Tips for Choosing Right Sun glasses for face shape


Summer is the season that not only has strong sun rays, but also emerges with many current fashion trends. The need for sunglasses is high during summers. Of course, buying sunglasses highlights another very important fact and it is about choosing sun glasses for face shape that compliments your face . Thus, determining the style is important and now so where to look for motivation, nevertheless our celebrities. You can shop flattering frames ricks from the celebrities’ style following this simple guide.


  • Sunglasses for round faces:  A round face indicates you can consider sunglasses in geometric shape. You may consider choosing cat eyes glass or a rectangular frame. The cat eyes style will sharpen soft features, while an elongated face appeal may be with rectangular frames.

Suitable styles: Rectangle or cat eyes

  • Heart: People having heart shape usually have a narrow chin and broad brow, so trying bottom-heavy style of frames suits the face and complements the jaw line. Another great option is aviators.

Suitable styles: Rectangular, exaggerated bottoms, aviators.

  • Square: This should be just opposite to round faces. Buy curvier frames and ensure sharper features. Even sunglasses with modern cat eyes featuring downward curve and rounded edges is appropriate. One such example is Oilvia Wilde, prominent for her face shape.

Suitable styles: Cat eye, butterfly, aviators

  • Oval:  Oval-shaped faces, you are the luckiest people. You can wear anything you like of your choice. All the current fashion trends in sunglasses suit you like Rihanna. You may go for round shapes or consider edgier shapes, anything suits well.

Suitable styles:  Round, rectangular, circular, oversized


Sunglasses improve your vision, avert sun damage to your eyes and make a unique fashion statement. You can know about the current fashion trends for sunglasses  available in different types and this also includes polarized lenses.

Choosing sun glasses for your face can also be done with the consultation of a professional optician. This is because different tints offer better seeing conditions and so having a help of some knowledgeable optician suits your needs.

  1. Polarized and anti-reflecting coating lenses cut the reflected glare. People playing snow sports and water may choose the polarized lenses. Anti-reflecting coatings prevent glared of light reflecting on the lenses of the sunglasses.
  2. Blue-blockers have amber lenses and block blue light. The blue light may risk eye and so these lenses are only popular among hunters, skiers, pilots and boaters as they employ it to heighten contrast.
  3. Mirror-coated lenses ensure total comfort as it limits light entering your eyes. These are reflective coatings that reduce light entering the eyes. Thus, it is beneficial for very bright condition activities such as snow skiing.

The mirrored sunglasses technology has advanced, and now the mirror coatings include all rainbow colors, copper metallic colors, gold and silver. In fact, the collections include blue and hot pink. Choosing colors is a cosmetic decision. The mirror color coating does not influence the perception of color, but only the tinted lenses color that is beneath the coating determines the effect of sunglasses on your color vision.

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