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Sports Luxe | Embrace the fashion trend of the season


With the huge amount of trends that are rapidly becoming available each year it has become extremely difficult to keep up with the constant demands in the fashion world. Some trends will always be timeless, but there are so many fads, lasting around 3 months, becoming a quickly forgotten trend. However, there is a style that has become a hugely popular, yet at the same time a controversial trend, seeing designer brands adapt their fashion walks accordingly. Sports luxe is a little random, yet hugely technical but is something that offers an alternative compared to the likes of traditional smart clothing. There will be a few people that haven’t heard about the trend since its meteoric rise, so we have broken down the concept. If you haven’t heard about it, we’re sure you will soon enough.

Trends always revolved around a foundation and in this case it is the choice of sweatpants you use. Sweatpants, or joggers have always been commonly associated with casual, or loungewear, but they have now become technically tailored, offering a split opinion and a new view in the fashion industry. Designer brands have redesigned the sweatpants and moved away from traditional cuffed designs, moving closer to a tailored, smarter and more luxurious appearances. This way sweatpants can be seamlessly put with shoes, boots and trainers. The adaption of the new style has seen the view on joggers, or sweatpants turn around dramatically.

In order to complete the sports luxe outfit, you will need to find a balance of smart, or luxury clothing with the right added casual styles. With tailored joggers you’ll find yourself mixing both luxury and casual together, however you’ll need to carefully add the next items. Most sports luxe outfits tend to be finished with blazers, as they were once called sports jackets. Whether you choose to add a shirt, or t-shirt is based on the direction you wish to take your sports luxe outfit down. It is important that you feel stylish and comfortable, experimenting at each given opportunity in order to add flair. If you are not interested in adding a blazer, take a look at brands that have developed hoodies, making them tailored and a lot smarter.

It is hard to imagine a mixture of luxury and casual items of clothing working so well with one another, as it can be seen as a mismatch in the fashion world. We all understand the associations with casual wear having a common assumption with women or mens tracksuits, but will no longer need to be. The sports luxe style may be demanding, but offers a versatile, yet unusual alternative to the traditional smart style for even the most adventurous.

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