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Giving Yourself A Painless Brazilian Waxing

Painless Brazilian Waxing

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The Brazilian Wax makes you look great and feel prepped. For the beginners, it consists of removing all the pubic hair and leaving a landing strip! Nowadays, most of the ladies are picking up this painless Brazilian waxing to get a more natural look. Believe me! Once you get started with this kind of waxing, you’ll just love it.

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It is an amazing treatment if you wear Thongs or G-strings. Even if you choose to wear Hey-leg swimwear, it will definitely look incredible. Most of all, it makes you feel a million dollars. So give it a go…

Even if you are sensitive it can still be done. All you need is to keep some points in mind;

  • Make sure that you go for Brazilian waxing after your periods are over. Just before or during periods can make you more sensitive
  • A pain relief pill or numbing cream can be taken or applied on the affected area 30-40 minutes prior the process
  • Make sure you take shower and don’t moisturize the area
  • Relax and follow the guidelines given by your specialist
  • You must get prepare that in how much area you need the waxing
  • Inquire them that how they will do the painless Brazilian waxing process
  • Remember to relax. This is self-evident, but being nervous makes you hold your breath.
  • After your waxing wear free attires
  • Keep the area cool, no hot showers. Give the area time to adjust

Painless Brazilian Waxing Procedure

You can wear disposable underwear that the therapist will supply. The area is scrubbed to expel any oil on your skin. Your pubic hair is trimmed.

A pre wax oil is applied around the area, which will make the expulsion less painful.

Hot or Warm wax is applied in small areas with a spatula and permitted to set around the hairs.

Amongst you and the therapist, you will pull the area taught, it will then be moved off removing the hair with it.

This will proceed until you are left with ‘your’ landing strip. Any ingrowing hairs are removed with tweezers.

The whole area is rinsed at the end of the day to remove all the oil. A finishing cream or lotion is applied to seal down and calm the area.

Brazilian Waxing is a painful process, but there is a solution to it!

Brazilian Waxing is not an easy process, but rather the results are certainly justified regardless of few minutes feeling somewhat uncomfortable. This a standout amongst the most prevalent and effective treatment. And, for that, you need to bear the pain.

The removal of hair in the pubic areas is very uncomfortable as a rule. Due to this, specialists and anesthesiologists have created topical treatments to decrease the pain. These solutions comprise of numbing creams, which anesthetize the skin during wax treatment.

There are myriad types of swimsuit wax numbing cream available in the market. Most numbing creams are applied no less than 45 minutes before the wax treatment. They briefly paralyze nerves on the skin, debilitating neurons from transmitting torment motivations to the mind. Through this, you can scarcely feel the pain of the treatment. This makes Brazilian waxing strategies more convenient and painless.


A wax treatment empowers ladies to be more positive about their swimwear. You can wear a two-piece swimsuit and display your body at the beach, without any stress of unattractive hair around your swimming outfit line.

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