Are you ready to elevate your makeup game with a mesmerizing light blue smokey eye? In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll take you through the process of creating a captivating light blue makeup look that’s sure to turn heads.  So grab your brushes and let’s bring your dream makeup to life!

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Light Blue Smokey Eye Makeup – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Let’s dive into the world of soft, sky-blue hues to create a captivating look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Step 1: Prep and Base

Before diving into the eyeshadow, ensure you have a clean canvas. Moisturize your face using a hydrating cream like Nivea Soft. For a flawless base, use the Milk Hydro Grip primer to ensure your makeup lasts all day.

Step 2: Eye Primer

Start by cleaning up under your brows with a light matte shade, such as “Warm Sand” from your palette. To intensify the colors, apply a white base. Opt for a white concealer like Morphe’s, blending it over your eyelids and lower lash line.

Step 3: Blending Sky Blues

Now it’s time to bring out those gorgeous light blue shades. Start with the shade “Bingo” from the Midnight palette and buff it across your eyelids and lower lash line. This step will create a soft base for the vibrant colors to come.

Step 4: Adding Depth

To add dimension, introduce “Periwinkle,” a beautiful periwinkle shade from the palette. Use this shade to blend and buff the edges of the previous color, creating a seamless transition. The matte finish will ensure a smooth blend.

Step 5: Intensifying the Blue

stunning light blue smokey eye makeup

Credit: @SavannahSylver

For a touch of intensity, apply “Mist,” an extremely light blue shade, to your eyelids and inner lower lash line. This step adds depth and drama to your look while maintaining the ethereal light blue theme.

Step 6: Incorporating the Shimmer

Introduce a touch of shimmer using the shade “Sky” from the Midnight palette. Spritz your brush with a makeup setting spray to intensify the shimmer. Apply this shade to the inner corner of the eye and blend it towards the center for a captivating highlight.

Step 7: Smoky Effect

Enhance the smokiness by smudging out the gel eyeliner using a matte dark blue shade like “Midnight” from the palette. This step adds a sultry touch to the look without making it overly intense.

Step 8: Defining the Eyes

Give your eyes a bold definition with black gel eyeliner. Create a thick wing on the outer corner and tight line the inner corner for a balanced yet captivating effect. Use a gel eyeliner like ELF’s for a creamy, long-lasting application.

Step 9: Adding Drama with Eyelashes

Complete your light blue smokey eye makeup with fluttery lashes. Apply your favorite pair – in this case, the Flutter Lashes in “Intoxicating” – for a flirty and elegant finish. Ensure the lashes are secure for a comfortable wear.

Step 10: Flawless Face Makeup

Moisturize your face using Nivea Soft Cream for a hydrated base. Follow up with Milk Makeup Hydro Grip to ensure your makeup lasts all day while maintaining a dewy finish.

Step 11: Color Correcting and Foundation

Use Anastasia Beverly Hills’ golden orange powder to color-correct and mattify specific areas. Apply the Born This Way concealer, focusing on key areas, and leave it to dry for more coverage. Blend it out seamlessly using a damp makeup sponge.

Step 12: Sculpt and Define

Create natural-looking contour using Huda Beauty Foundation Stick in “Coffee Bean.” Blend it upwards for a defined yet soft contour. For blush, explore the world of liquid blushes with Juvia’s Place Pink Lady and Blush Lily shades. Apply them high on your cheeks and blend for a radiant flush of color.

Step 13: Highlighting Elegance

Apply the Born This Way Concealer to highlight areas like your under-eyes, forehead, and chin. Blend it out seamlessly using a sponge, ensuring a smooth transition between the highlighted and contoured areas.

Step 14: Airbrushed Finish

Set your highlighted areas with a combination of “Kunafa” and “Cinnamon Bun” powders from Huda Beauty. This step will lock in your makeup and create an airbrushed, flawless finish.

Step 15: Dewy Blush

Add a pop of color to your cheeks with Juvia’s Place liquid blush in “Pink Lady” and “Blush Lily.” These blushes are highly pigmented and offer a dewy finish, giving your cheeks a natural flush.

Step 16: Subtle Gradient

To achieve a seamless blush gradient, use the darker shade higher on your cheeks and blend it into the lighter shade towards the center of your face. This technique will give your cheeks a natural, soft radiance.

Step 17: Eye-Catching Lips

For a perfect nude lip, start by lining your lips with the Juvia’s Place “Cola” liner. Then, apply the Milani lipstick in “Pleasure,” a warm nude shade that complements the light blue eye makeup beautifully. Complete your lips with a touch of Juvia’s Place lip gloss in “Choco Milo.” The swirly texture and delicious scent of this gloss will add a subtle shimmer and dimension to your lips.

Step 18: Subtle Highlighting & Final Touches

stunning light blue smokey eye makeup

Stunning light blue smokey eye makeup by @SavannahSylver

Accentuate your nose with a gentle touch of highlighter using the Trip Highlighter. This step will draw attention to your nose bridge and add a delicate glow. Finish the look by setting everything in place with a makeup setting spray. This step will ensure your makeup stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

And there you have it – a stunning light blue smokey eye makeup look that’s both elegant and mesmerizing. Whether you’re headed to a special event or simply want to elevate your everyday makeup, this tutorial has you covered. Experiment with different shades and techniques to make this look your own, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it. Now go ahead and rock your light blue makeup look with confidence!

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