Nobody wants , let alone talk about : embarrassing beauty problems like dandruff , bad breath or sweat stains . MyBreezyLife breaks the silence – because even the most troublesome problems have its solutions .

Embarrassing was yesterday : MyBreezyLife helps you to get annoying beauty problems like Dandruff , bad breath or sweat stains under control.

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1. Dandruff

One of the most famous beauty problems is Dandruff . If dandruff silently trickle to the shoulders and make visible on dark clothing , then that’s pretty embarrassing. A distinction is ” dry ” and ” oily ” scales . People with very dry scalp should be careful , and if so, to wash their hair every day with mild shampoo . Even regular oil treatments and scalp massage will relieve it . Against grease – shed there are special anti – dandruff shampoos ( eg Head and Shoulders ) . They usually contain a fungicidal additive . In general, the problem improved after the application after one to two weeks.

3. Cold Sores

So-called ” cold sores ” around the mouth itch , burn and look unappetizing . Remember you will not be going on this beauty problem : Who carries the herpes virus in itself , be reckoned with again and again with new outbreaks . Sufferers feel fast when it tingles on your lips – usually in stressful situations , out of disgust or if one has a cold . Who is rapidly now and applying herpes creams containing the active ingredients aciclovir or penciclovir , can prevent threatening bubbles . Concealing Medical plasters from the pharmacy can be about make-up well and make acute pustules as invisible . If no remedy at hand , honey provides short-term relief : It is antibacterial , wound healing and tastes better than any ointment . Kissing is still prohibited because of the risk of infection .

5. Halitosis

Bad breath , known as Halitosis in medicine has often gum inflammation to cause that must be treated by a doctor . But what accumulates after eating in the interdental spaces , secretes odors – flossing is therefore a daily must! In addition to morning and evening brushing advises Dr. Andreas Schwitalla , Oral Surgeon from Berlin to antibacterial mouthwashes . In particular, the tongue has with its rough surface the perfect breeding ground for bacteria . Dr. Andreas Schwitalla : ” Therefore, once a day gently rub the tongue . ” In return, special brushes , which are related to the back with rubber are suitable . Always a good tip : chewing gum – not only contained the aroma but the chewing motion intensified salivation by 300 percent , making the bacteria easier rinsed out of the mouth . The sucking sugarless candies , incidentally, the same effect .

In rarer cases of bad breath from the stomach stirred . Against scent traces of garlic pizza take herbal pills from the pharmacy ( eg Stozzon , about 7 euros ) : The ingredient chlorophyll to neutralize any odors in the stomach . But as well as diseases , in tolerances or serious digestive problems can cause gases that cause bad breath , a doctor’s appointment is recommended .

7. Sweat Stains

Sweat stains under the arms can ruin the most beautiful outfit, it is one of the embarrassing beauty problems . The solution that does not require a visit and painful operation : Use deodorants with aluminum compounds (such as the antiperspirant Yerka) before going to bed with a cotton pad applied to the armpits and in the morning washed with clean water, replace any other Deo, confirms Dr. Reinhard Mrotzek, a dermatologist in Datteln: “You have currently the only conventional method against profuse sweating that really works.” Initially one should use Yerka three to four times weekly, later once or twice per week is sufficient. The result: No more sweating, no unpleasant sweat stains under the armpits or embarrassing odors. Dr. Mrotzek continued: “aluminum compounds in deodorants are indeed fallen into disrepute, unique studies that they actually cause breast cancer.” Even the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment sees this indeed critical, but does not prohibit it. Mrotzek therefore recommends not to use deodorants with aluminum compounds daily.

9. Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is unpleasant , ugly – and unfortunately, infectious. Therefore you never walk with bare feet through public baths or saunas and leave the flip flops for showering in the gym . Then dry your toes thoroughly before you slip back into your shoes : In warm, humid areas mushrooms grow best . If you have ever caught one , help usually antifungals ( targeted medicines used to treat fungal infections ) in the form of ointments or sprays . In particularly serious cases , however , such as when the fungus has been spreading , an antibiotic may be necessary . Go in any case to the dermatologist .

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2. Facial Hair

A clear case: Beards are sexy on men only. “Facial hair” the greater the level of suffering for various women in the world . The reason for this is usually an increased production of the male hormone testosterone. Warm wax is a fast, effective option: A hot wax or sugar paste is applied to the at least three millimeters long hair above the upper lip until it has solidified and then stripped with a quick jerk. The smooth results last about a month. “However, unclean work lead to severe inflammation,” warns Cologne dermatologist Dr. Uta Berger castle. It recommends laser treatments: “The device emits light in a specific wavelength from that destroys the germ cells of the hair roots.” Up to ten sessions may be needed to eliminate facial hair permanently.

4. Couperose

Most of them are people with thin and sensitive skin who suffer from rosacea: vasodilation in the face, which is manifested with prominent red veins on the cheeks and around the nose. Dr. Adam Pomer, a dermatologist in Frankfurt, treats his patients with azelaic acid-containing ointments (eg Azelac moisturizer 50 ml à 26 euros), available without a prescription at the pharmacy. Often he also use the laser: “An uncomplicated intervention”, promises Pomer, “. The small capillaries in the face center are deserted, then you can not see them,” Who so far do not want to go, it may first try with makeup: There are special powder for couperose skin (eg from Isadora, about 18 euros), which makes the redness with green pigments optically disappear. Even self conceal red veins, since they are less conspicuous on slightly toned Tein. Caution: sunbathing promotes vasodilation and should therefore only be taken with a high UV protection .

6. Acne

Every now and then pimples lost its way on adult skin . But anyone who has to fight after completion of 25 years of age on a regular basis and over a large area with inflamed pustules, suffers from “Acne Tarda” the so-called late acne. Possible causes are a stress-induced overproduction of sebum, hormonal changes by stopping the pill or pregnancy, but also a genetic predisposition to oily skin – and the lifestyle. “Unhealthy diet, especially fast food and dairy products, smoking and alcohol can trigger late acne,” said Dr. Heronimus, dermatologist at the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin. His tip: “Use mild, skin neutral and soap free products that do not irritate the skin.” Just express yourself no impurities! This allows more bacteria enter into the skin and increase the acne. Since the treatment depending on the severity and skin texture is very different, sufferers should consult a dermatologist in any case.

8. bloating

Who was once mistaken for pregnant : A flatulence , better known as bloating is unpleasant. Quite apart from these extreme gas accumulation in the digestive tract to feel painful – the pent-up air would eventually like to escape , press and manifests itself with gurgling bowel sounds . Often the diet is to blame : cabbage and leeks , raw vegetables or high-fiber whole grains , as well as carbon dioxide -containing water , coffee or beer stimulate gas production . Herbal tea with cumin , anise , rosemary or fennel provide natural relief . If it should happen very quickly , medicinal preparations containing the active ingredient simethicone (eg Lefax , 100 chewable tablets of approx 11 euros ) will help. But beware: Persistent bloating and feelings of tension can cause of diseases , such as intestinal bacterial infections , point . Proceed in this case, better to become a specialist .

10. Obscene Feet

” Please take off shoes ! ” A legitimate demand out of the mouths of the host . For people with smelly feet , such a situation is more than uncomfortable – and unfortunately for other guests too . Only when bacteria sit on the skin , it gets nasty. ” They decompose the sweat , causing the infamous odor source arises : butyric acid . ” Ordinary hygiene lays the bacteria quickly , so especially in the warmer months daily wash the feet . Wear cotton instead of synthetic socks and shoes made ​​of breathable material such as leather – plastic models let the sweat do not evaporate and are the perfect breeding ground for germs . Put additionally antibacterial moisture absorbing soles (eg Bama DeoAktiv Deo sole , about 10 euro ) , then you are guaranteed to stay fresh foot !


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