The highest basketball throw in history

The highest basketball throw in history

Spectacular litters are not uncommon in basketball . However, a few YouTuber topped everything . For his world record for the highest basketball throw, they needed a dam and three days of patience .

The highest basketball throw – This is a new world record ! The Youtuber of “How Ridiculous ” have traveled to Australia to sink the basketball from Gordon Dam in the basket – from more than 126 meters above sea level . The four-member team had excelled in the discipline three times . Most recently, he threw the ball from the Euro Mast observation tower in Rotterdam ( Netherlands ) 98 meters in depth . At 62nd attempt had finally worked . The ball landed in the net and the jubilation was great.

This time the challenge was far greater. The Gordon Dam in Tasmania is not only significantly higher , the local weather conditions are extremely unfavorable for a precision throw . Rain , hailstorms and strong winds made ​​the YouTubers difficult to create the world record. After three days and countless attempts one of the guys was succeeded to place the ball in the basket . Their video shows how the ball sails through the air for few seconds and eventually ends up miraculously well in the basket .

Watch the video here: 

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