Respect ! This young lady was already nearly 50 million users, Mini – Aretha rocks the stage !

Nightdale ( North Carolina , USA ) – It was a normal event of school kids in front of their parents . However, this performance saw by couple of millions of people . The six-year Johanna Colon stole the show – with a dance interpretation of Aretha Franklin’s hit ” Respect” , which had washed ! Mini – Aretha rocks the stage like a diva .

The little girl is in the clip , although as part of a girl trio in pink tutu on stage . But as soon as the first notes of the classic 1967 start , all eyes were only on Johanna .

The song, which Aretha Franklin in 1967 made her the icon of the black civil rights activist, became an anthem for equality and tolerance.

As an old soul who knows what she’s talking, little Johanna nearly 50 years later, is now demanding RESPECT, as befits a diva. The audience freaks out, are standing ovations and enthusiastic hoots.

Johanna’s mother was filming the appearance of her daughter and placed it on her Facebook page on the net. The Result? Nearly 50 million views in a week! Rarely got in such a short time so many calls at once a video. The users are thrilled by the confident performance of the young dancer.

Johanna herself was interviewed later, to their great appearance on “Fox”. Almost shyly, with glasses and cute lisp, the little nation said: “I thought to myself, I do it really with pizzazz! My mom has said, it has also made Aretha. “

A Userin summarizes excited about what probably millions of people think about the mini Aretha: “She’s a Superstar”