Eleven month old saved after being crushed by minibus in China

An 11-month-old boy was recently saved by local residents after he was crushed by a minibus on the side of the road in a village in Quanzhou, Fujian Province.

Surveillance video released by local police shows a minibus making a right turn, hitting the mother and crushing the face of her child while they were playing on the corner.

The child, however, is out of danger, thanks to timely rescue of the driver and local residents, suffering only bruises and a slight concussion.

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The impossible texting & driving test

More and more traffic accidents are due to texting. If we want to reduce the 1.2 million traffic victims worldwide each year, we have to act. How do you convince youngsters not to text while driving? Prove them it is a very bad idea: oblige them to text while driving! See how Belgian learner drivers reacted when they were told they had to pass the mobile phone test in order to get their driver’s license.