Blackwork tattoo a latest trend to hit the glamour world.

Blackwork tattoo – This is the latest fashion trend among young people nowadays. We know a lot about tattooing through internet. There is a lot of stuff on entire internet about the history of tattooing. Specially you will find some detailed and interesting history about tattooing in wikipedia. So we will not spend an hour to tell you about the history of Tattooing. But overall, I know that tattooing goes back thousands of years (5000 to 8000 years according to sources) and would probably born by chance during the cleaning of an open wound. Afterward, it became a religious symbol, a sign of belonging and social status. Whether in the Asian countries, in Polynesia or in Europe today, the tattoo has taken many meanings!

Finally, for the record, here’s what Wikipedia says about its etymology:

The word “tattoo” itself comes from the Tahitian tatau, and was introduced into the English language by Cook’s expedition (though the word ‘tattoo’ or ‘tap-too’, referring to a drumbeat, had existed in English since at least 1644)[19]

Tribal tattoos or Blackwork Tattoo trend:

Blackwork Tattoos or Blackout Tattoos are tribal tattoos which completely drawn with single black ink. Normally we like bright color but here in blackwork tattoo the main focus is design and when it is drawn completely there is something about blackwork tattoo that it stand out in that manner that you cannot achieve with colored tattoos.

Here we bring some very bold Black work Tattoo / Blackout Tattoo from Instagram trend:

This full body blackout tattoo has gone viral on internet and had been design by Singapore based artist Chester Lee:

By Nikolay tereshenko

Nikolay is a professional Ukrainian tattoo artist:


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Blackwork tattoo is the latest trend