How to darken eyebrows ?

Do you have very light brown eyebrows? do you want to know how to darken your eyebrows?

Dying your eyebrows at home is not that difficult. Today I am gonna explain you how to darken eyebrows with few very simple steps.

First of all there are two ways to darken your eyebrows

Temporary tinting: It is everyday tinting. You can temporarily tint your eyebrows with eyebrow pencil.

Semi Permanent tinting of your eyebrows: This type of dying will last for few days or month.

Dying your eyebrows for permanent basis is not so difficult. You need following items for perfectly dyed eyebrows:

  1. Your favorite Eyebrow dye color
  2. Cotton bud
  3. Cotton pads
  4. Petroleum Gel
  5. A pair of gloves to protect your hands from coloring

Step 1:

Apply small amount of color at the back of your ear to check if you are allergic to the product .

Dying eyebrows

Step 2:

Cleanse your eyebrows with oil free makeup remover and gently remove all impurities with cotton pads.

Step 3:

Now apply some petroleum Gel with the help of cotton bud around the eyebrows the area from where you do not need color.

Dying your eyebrows

Step 4:

Wear your gloves on and take approx 2 cms of your tinting color product (quantity depends upon growth of your eyebrows) and mix it with developer as directed by the product and mix your tinting color in a small container.

Dye your eyebrows

Step 5:

Start applying first coat of the color on your eyebrows with the help of cotton bud. Remember to apply color from the end of your eyebrows by this your eyebrows will be dyed deeply.

How to darken eyebrows

Step 6:

Now apply color from the beginning of your eyebrows and wait for 5 minutes depending the type of your eyebrows hairs and how much dark color you needed.

Dying your eyebrows

Step 7:

Clean the your eyebrows with cotton pads.

How to darken your eyebrows


Hope you find this tutorial easy and next time you will dye your eyebrows at home with ease.