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5 Amazing Makeup Tips To Sparkle Up Your Dull Eyes

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Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks – With these couple of simple and amazing makeup tips you can turn to sparkle up your dull eyes.

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Discover five amazing makeup tips to sparkle up your dull eyes

It is often said that the right makeup can bring out your most beautiful features, and that is quite true. However, makeup can also be used to make otherwise dull or not-as-interesting features sparkle. In the paragraphs that follow, you will be able to discover five amazing makeup tips to sparkle up your dull eyes. Do not hesitate to pay close attention to these tips and give them a try, so that you can convince yourself of the difference. Enjoy your read and do not hesitate to share your newfound information with friends and family members.

#1 White liner on your eyelids

If you want your eyeshadow to stand really out, it is recommended to apply white liner on your eyelids first. Make sure that you run it over the entire eyelid, as this will make even the least pigmented or colorful eyeshadow pop. It is the opaque consistency of the white eyeliner that will really make all the difference in the world, making everyone envious of the way you look. If you follow this clever trick, you will easily notice a beautiful contrast between the chosen eyeshadow and the color of your skin. Moreover, this clever trick will also ensure that your eyeshadow stays on for a prolonged period.

#2 Spoon to avoid mascara on your upper eyelid

When applying your mascara, the worst and the probably most common thing that happens is that the mascara does not reach only your eyelashes but also your eyelids. If you do not want for such an occurrence to bother you, all you have to do is use a large spoon to reduce the risk of mascara spoiling the rest of your makeup. Hold the spoon on the upper eyelid and apply mascara in how many coats you want to. The residue mascara will remain on the spoon, and you will look fantastic. The application will look perfect, so you will no longer have to consider eyelash extensions. Also, think about the side effects of eyelash extensions, such as eyelash loss, infection, and inflammation. Such things are simply not worth it.

#3 No makeup without eyelid primer

If you want your makeup to stay on for a prolonged period and also for your eyes to stand out, you have to accustom yourself to using an eyelid primer. This product should be applied before any other makeup and spread evenly on the entire eyelid. When it comes to purchasing a primer, you have two major categories to choose from, meaning the color-correcting and skin-tone varieties. This product will guarantee a smooth texture for your eyelids, allowing your makeup to stay for the entire night or day. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about your makeup caking up in the creases around your eyes.


Sometimes, your eyes actually look dull, because you are too tired (dark circles and puffy eyes are common signs of excess tiredness). If you want to sparkle and look fantastic, it is recommended to use your concealer and create a triangle as a cover-up. The base of the triangle should be at the level of the inferior eyelash line while the point should be in the direction of the cheeks. Interesting enough, this triangle will cover the signs of tiredness, but it will also offer the impression of an instant facelift. In this way, you will be able to hide those unsightly dark circles under the eyes and impress your friends with how rested and beautiful you actually look.


If you want for your eyes to truly stand out, do not choose an eyeshadow that has the same color as the one of your eyes. Instead, go for the opposite. For example, if you have blue eyes, it is recommended that you choose orange shades. Nuances such as apricot, peach or gold will help you achieve the desired look and truly sparkle. For green eyes, it is indicated to go with red shades, such as wine, plum or cherry. As for the brown eyes, these are best paired with blue shades, including purple. However, keep in mind that brown is a neutral color so that it can be easily paired with a wide range of eyeshadow colors.

These are only a couple of makeup tips that you can turn to, to sparkle up your dull eyes. Always remember that the primer should be applied first so that you obtain an even and durable look. As for the actual eyeshadow colors, go for the ones that complement your eye color. Do not apply excessive makeup, in the hope that you will stand out. Less is more, including when it comes to such matters.

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