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Women over 40 at Top of Style – Styling Tips

For all the women over 40, doesn’t mean they have to live simply or have to say goodbye to fashion.  In today’s time, 40 is considered as nothing, you will see many of your favorite celebs entering in the same age group but still managing to look as ravishing as they use to look earlier.

It just needs a little change in your wardrobe and you will be all set to kill the people with your stunning looks and appearance. Here are some tips for you which you can follow and remain a fashionista for as long as you want.

  • Denim: It is as famous as ever and 40 plus ladies are grasping the fabric in full compel. No more simply held for pants denim is currently included in coats, dresses, tops, shorts and jeans.
  • Upgrade your footwear: Try not to go unobtrusively into wearing plain loafer, or a dark shaded mid heel pumps, or going for a comfy trainer shoe. Its not the end of life, you can still carry a sun shoe and can easily show your ankled leg. Its important to carry a sexy shoe as it shows how interested you are in the latest fashion and trends.
  • How to do your hairThe just got up, shoreline blanched hair days are headed out. Conditioner is everything now. Also, whatever you do don’t over trim. A sway at this stage could put 10 years on you, immediately.
  • Time to say goodbye to your foundation but not to your Make up: Keep an eye out for the mortar textured appearance which happens when ladies alarm they require scope yet haven’t got their glasses/supplanted the light in the room.
  • You are never old to wear bikini tops under clothes in summer: It might Sounds creepy but it isn’t. While wearing it, you will have a feeling of care freeness and can enjoy the barefoot vibe.
  • Keep wearing the Espadrilles and flip flops: One can never be that old that she can’t go for an espadrilles or flip flops. But keep in mind to have pedicure before you worn them. Since the unwashed look is no more a fashion.
  • You can also wear tops or dresses with Shortish puffy sleeves: Very complimenting on the older arm, as opposed to gossip, particularly if not very puffy and not very short.
  • Halter necks: You can wear halter necks to show your skin and to have an even sexier look. There is no denying in it. You can cherish your appearance even if you are in your forties. Never say them a goodbye.
  • Always have a smiling face: I realize that sounds frightening. However, the sulky not disturbed expression which you may think cool will in your forties begin to look acrid and a bit ‘my back is slaughtering me’.

You can easily imply these tips in your daily life to look fashionable and trendy even if you are women over 40.

Noreen Fahad

Noreen Fahad is a freelance writer, content marketing specialist and social media marketer with more than 11 years of experience. As an expert writer, she makes sure that readers have access to the most relevant and helpful information . She writes about different topics such as Fashion, beauty, parenting, lifestyle, health & fitness and food & Beverages.