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10 Best Fragrances to try this fall

Best Fragrances

Are you lookig for best fragrances. We have here listed the 10 best fragrances that need to be in your bucket list of items to have this fall

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The fall marks the season between summer and winter. During which the weather cools down making the use of fragrances efficient. The following are the 10 best fragrances that need to be in your bucket list of items to have this fall:

Our choice of 10 Best Fragrances:

1. Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi

If you are looking for a classical kind of fragrance, you may need to give this Eau de Parfum a try. It contains a perfect blend of citrus giving it that tangy and fresh scent.

2. Pure DKNY A drop of Rose by Dona Karan

It has been made from a collection of fresh rose oil. Roses have a sweet scent that is reflected in this fragrance. Every time you buy DKNY, you contribute to the partnership that CARE and DNKY have to financially assist women rose growers in Turkey.

3. Love Hope Denim by True Religion

This fragrance is simply yummy. Too good you could easily be tempted to eat it. It is made from a perfect blend of sweet sugary almond and caramel extracts. This Eau de Parfum is both addictive and irresistible.

4. Pour Femme by Dolce & Gabbana

As the name suggests, this is an Eau de Parfum for women. It oozes an aura of energy and class. It exemplifies an audacity of power with its crisp yet bare scent. It is one of the best fragrances for women.

10 Fragrances to try this fall

5.  MARCHESA from Jubujub

It has been made with a rich blend of several flower petals including Jasmine, Freesia and violet leaves, giving it a sweet flowery scent. It’s stylishly designed bottle gives it an irresistible finish.

6. Scent of a dream

Charlotte Tilbury merged lemon, black pepper, and peach among other top joy notes to personify this fragrance with a sweet charming scent. The inclusion of Frankincense and Jasmine gives is a strong scent for a start. However, the scent wears down with time giving it making it cool and mellow.

7. Purple Fig by Vilhelm

This spicy fragrance was recently launched and is a unisex brand. The designer combined the domestic lemon and the woody cypress and cedar. With the inclusion of lemon, this fragrance is without a doubt sweet, mild and long lasting.

8. Girl

With such a name, one would be forgiven for thinking that this is a feminine only fragrance. With its bottle design leaning more on the feminine side. However, Pharrell Williams recently launched this perfume which is actually unisex. It is made from sandalwood and cedar making it woody and spicy. It lasts long too.


This integration of wood and fruit gives this fragrance a sophisticated yet sweet and musky scent. Its top notes include sandalwood, sapodilla fruit, and crisp magnolia.

10 Premiere by Gucci

The fascination that comes with this perfume is only fit for the red carpet. It is warm with a perfect blend of flowery and fruity scents. It is made with rich top notes of champagne, rose, jasmine, and freesia. It is light making it comfortable to wear anytime of the day.

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