image1sCookies, cakes , calorie bombs – Christmas has once again left traces . Now there’s only one : be brave and serve up the bacon !These five new super – effective fitness trends muscle firm of which you did not know that you have them.

Aerial Pilates – How in flight

-56f22b6f7f0cd208HOW DOES IT WORK ? Pilates in the air : The exercises are performed in a large loop of fabric that hangs half a meter above the ground from the ceiling to about . As with many of the usual Pilates exercises strengthen the midsection , where we all would like to be nice and snugly.


If you’re thinking , great, well you can let you nice easy slopes , then you slip up : you probably “Radical sofa ” but you need a remote control , a TV and a full refrigerator . When Aerial Pilates make similar exercises as in Pilates , just keep doing your balance and make demanding stretches , often with the head down . It not only promotes the mobility and coordination , the body is also shaped and super.

WHO find it suitable ? For those who would like to make more effective Pilates . In London and New York Aerial Pilates is very successful. Germany offer studios in large cities first courses .

Curvy Yoga – round and taut

HOW DOES IT WORK ? The English ” curvy ” means ” curvy ” : Curvy Yoga is a yoga style, which is aimed at women with curves .

cyr3-296x300WHAT DOES IT MEAN? The exercises of Yoga are often Curvy the same as in the known forms of yoga , often it is taught by experienced teachers in classical yoga centers . It is a misconception that people generally are less fit fuller : What matters is whether someone moves regularly – even chubby women can have very extensible joints and strong muscles.

What find it suitable ? Many women who practice yoga , are very conscious of their weight , so the participants are often slim and trained . Rounder women feel happy times uncomfortable beside them . When Curvy Yoga they train with other women who are also cushioned somewhat better , many will find it more relaxed – and so very ” incidentally” , the curves of solid and defined … An online search will lead to a studio near you , the Curvy Yoga offering .

Hip Hop Boxing – I potholes in the air

HOW DOES IT WORK ? Punches and kicks in the air to beats between House and Hip – Hop : imagesmight look silly – until you do it yourself times.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? An opponent to make the pit always platt : yourself The jumps on the spot constantly move back and forth its own weight , to explosive punches and kicks coming in the air , inspired by martial arts such as kickboxing . . When hip-hop Boxing driving beats also ensure a fast pace , the energy consumption is huge . Now eat something less and losing weight is light as a feather .

WHO makes it suitable ? Those who prefer to train at home than at the gym , which is well served with this form of training on DVD . Among the best known providers of coach George Jones belongs : It has helped in the RTLII series ” Big Diet ” thicknesses in slimming down and therefore knows how moves the fat line . His DVD ” Hip Hop Boxing Workout ” is available for € 17.99 in trading .

Jumping – a helping hand

high_jumping_exercises_image_title_v85umHOW DOES IT WORK? The participants jump in studio on a trampoline to driving House- or disco music, get trained with a coach in the group.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Probably Helmut Kohl was still chancellor, as you have recently jumped on a trampoline, but perhaps you remember: It makes a lot of fun and hard animal to, because the leg muscles have to give a lot of effort to repel the body of the elastic surface and it later recapture supple. The exercises at the Jumping relate with the arms whereas the body remains straight, and the heart is then all supplied with oxygenated blood. Thus the whole body is beautiful busy, arms and legs are quickly fixed.

WHO find it suitable? Especially for people with sensitive joints that do not get along well with running or weight training – the movements are always cushioned by the trampoline. Nationwide in more and more studios.

resistance-lunge 1Power Bands – Resistance movement

HOW DOES IT WORK? The Power bands are a set of four rubber bands for strength and endurance training: a long ribbon, about a meter long, and three shorter, a good 20 centimeters long, in different strengths. The tapes can be laid in many combinations to arms, legs, wrists and ankles and stretch through movement.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Maybe you know the the job: work against resistance can be incredibly stressful. Although the elastic bands to give, yet they demand your muscles a lot from. It’s as if you do push-ups, meetings ups and stretching exercises on a planet where the attraction is stronger by far than here.

WHO find it suitable? For those who do not want to go without their training. The four bands are delivered in a bag and fit into any bag, ideal for training on the road. The “Pro Set” contains a DVD and training cards with many exercises that anyone can put together yourself.

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