The Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a public holiday in honor of the mother and motherhood . It has become popular in the western world since the 20th century . In German-speaking countries and many other countries it will be held in May on the 2nd Sunday .

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Even the ancient Romans and Greeks dedicated to the mothers of their gods do parties and celebrations . In the 13th century Henry III in England called Sunday the Laetare. Mothering Day , one day a year when the people in the Church ( Mother Church ) went to meet with the whole family . In 1806, Napoleon suggested the introduction of a Mother’s Day , but this was never implemented due to the upcoming battle of Waterloo.

For the first time the Mother’s Day was celebrated in the United States in the early 20th century . The Mother’s Day has its origins in the women’s movement in England and America . The American Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis tried in 1865 a movement called Mothers Mothers Day Friendships reasons . 1870 a maternal Peace Initiative was launched by Julia Ward Howe . She had the goal that the children should not be sacrificed in wars .


More interesting information about the Mother’s Day:

The Mother’s Day is not to be confused with the International Women’s Day on 8 March.

In Germany, the Mother’s day 1922/23 was finally established by the Association of German florist owner with posters”Honor the mother” in the windows and emphasizes to celebrate as a day of flowers wishes.

In the GDR, the Mother’s day was not celebrated, instead only International Women’s Day was celebrated. The Mother’s day was considered a west-reactionary Nazi holiday.

In Germany, the Mother’s day is not enshrined in law, so that the date can only be based on voluntary agreements.

Expenditure on the Mother’s Day is matched only at Christmas in the US. According to the estimates of the National Retail Federation 139 US dollars are spent on per mother on average. The commercialization of the day was sharply criticized, among others.

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