Dad Writes Brutally Honest Obituary After Daughter Dies of Heroin Overdose

Molly Park died of heroine overdose

Molly Park died of heroine overdose

Parents tend to conceal the cause of death of their children died from overdose. They find this rather shameful and embarrassing and prefer to invent all sorts of things for the obituary. Molly’s dad Parks, a father of 24 years of young woman, who relented after three courses of detox is not of this opinion and wrote the following message on Facebook to announce the death of his daughter.

“My daughter Molly Parks made several good choices in her short life, but she also made some bad choices. She tried to fight her addiction to her own way and, unfortunately, last night her fight ended in a bathroom of a restaurant with a syringe filled with heroin.

All his family tried to help her win this battle, but we have not been able to show her the path to follow to cure her addiction. If you have a friend or loved one who is now fighting his addiction, please, do everything you can to support it. Maybe it will help your loved one. Unfortunately, ours did not work.

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