Popular with Hollywood stars , the contouring technique corrects all small facial defects . No photo editing without surgery : just with makeup ! Lisa Eldridge, makeup studio Creative Director Lancôme Makeup , gives us the secrets of a rejuvenated face and lifted through contouring .

In the US , the beautystas do swear by the contouring . Tired skin, enlarged pores … through a subtle play of light and shade , some areas of the face are more developed, while the defects are camouflaged. In this tutorial, Lisa Eldridge shows us how to wake up a tired face and give it a facelift , by simply using a bronzer , blush and illuminator.

For starters, make-up artist will show you to use the bronzer using a small brush. Nor too orange or too red, it will blend completely with your natural skin tone. The good trick is to move the brush on your hand first so the residue is not too intense. Tuck your cheeks and put in relief the hollow: this is the area just under the bone. Apply the powder from the tip of your face to the height of the middle of your eye. Then use a larger brush to blend the powder. Do not hesitate to apply the powder in small amounts, and repeat the gesture to control rendering.
Then apply the blush with a large brush to accentuate the shadow of your cheeks. Repeat the same as before, and go up to the temples. Apply then the illuminator with the large brush just above the worked area. This will give volume to your cheeks, and your face will look visibly younger.

Finally, you can use this technique on the eyes, to fight against the effects of time. Look in a mirror, and start by using the bronzer in the hollow eyelid. The slowly you apply, the better it will blend. Finally, use the illuminator, and apply it just below the eyebrow. The result is a subtle and immediate lifting effect.
Our tip: For long-term results, protect your skin daily against the effects of time with treatments such as the facelift range Renergie Multi-Lift Lancôme.


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