Venue the parade Louis Vuitton Cruise in Palm Springs, Selena Gomez made ​​an appearance more noticeable than the photocall of the show. All smiles , the arm of her friend Miranda Kerr , the pretty brunette wearing a sexy dress in black leather. To support its statement dress , the star did not hesitate to wager on a smoky eyes in rock’n’roll style. Quick, one copy !

Step by step Guide to Selena Gomez Smoky Eyes

1. Color rich eye primer base and unifying fixante eyelids

To start , place a unifying base and fixative on your eyelid. This will allow your shadow to hold all day and thus prevent falls pigments.
Selena Gomez

2. Rich color pure 100 black shadow

Your basic applied , you can now file a matte black eyeshadow on your entire eyelid using a flat brush . Do not hesitate to properly stretch the color to create a beautiful cat eyes . Then use a brush to degrade Blending matter.

Selena Gomes

3. Mascara Million Lashes Couture So Black

Finally , use a volumizing mascara to help you shape a XXL eye. For infinitely long lashes , do not hesitate to make zigzag with your brush from root to tip.

Mascarra Selena Gomez

4. Plumper Mascara Eyebrows Brow Artist Last little trick

Do not forget to accentuate your good line of eyebrows with a plumber mascara to give this effect. It will give a good intensity to your eyebrows.

Selena Gomez smoky eyes

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