Jetman ” the bird man, realizes the first duet in flight over the towers of Dubai.

“Jetman” flies now with a sidekick. The Swiss Yves Rossy, known to hover above the most extraordinary landscapes in the world with a jet wing, released Monday, May 11th a new video in which he flies over Dubai. For this overview of the Emirate, the man who wants to match the birds was accompanied by French Vincent “Vince” Reffet, a big name in base-jumping, now under his wing.

Jetman Dubai Young Feathers 4K

Now settled in Dubai, “Jetman” and his protégé overflew the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah complex and Liwa Desert. The flying duo realized for the first time a tandem flight, reported Forbes magazine’s website (in English).

Yves Rossi, a former pilot in the Swiss Air Force and expert on flights extravaganza, has already crossed the Channel with his strange machine, flew over the Grand Canyon, the city of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), or Mount Fuji , in Japan. In 2014, he released a first video tour of Dubai in the sky, but solo.