Styling tips for girls – How to hide tummy fat

Styling tips

Most of the girls avoid wearing lot of trendy dresses just because of their belly pouch. Today we brought some cool styling tips to hide their belly pouch.

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Styling tips for girls  – First of all I do not appreciate body shaming we need accept how we are and how we look like and just remember the fact what size you are you are really beautiful. Tummy fat is always a big issue for most of the girls. Most of the girls avoid wearing lot of trendy dresses just because of their belly pouch. Today we brought some cool styling tips for girls to hide their belly pouch.

Top 07 Styling tips to make you look in shape

1 – Say no to Low wasted jeans or Skirts

Try not to wear lower wasted jeans as it allows your tummy to push out and get prominent always try to wear high wasted fly jeans as it will cover your belly pouch and gives you more comfortable and slimmer look. You can also wear higher wasted skirts as well.

2 – Spanx:

Wear spanx to hold your extra muffin tops specially when you are wearing pencil skirts. Depending on your body spanx definitely gives you a flat stomach.

3 – Wear Boyshort briefs

You are not always wearing jeans so incase if you have belly fat then try to wear this boyshorts briefs as it will holds your tummy inside. Try to buy your panties which are not in V shape and lower wast as it will again give you bulgy look.

4 – Body shapper

If you have tummy fat then wear bodyshapper underneath your dress to look your best and sexy. It will not miraculously slimmer you but holds your bulgy areas and gives you a perfect shape.

5 – Flairy dress or loose clothing

Avoid wearing straight or fitted dresses as it prominent your fatty areas. Always wear flairy or loose dresses which may be fit at your chest but loose at your tummy so that your tummy will not be seen,

6 – Jumpsuits

Fill your closet with jumpsuits as it will give you a lengthy and slimmer look.

7 – Wear black color

Black color makes you look 100 times slimmer and sexy than the other colors. Black color hide everything. Either you wear black top or dress it will definitely makes you look slimmer.


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