Stretch marks are not really aesthetic and complexed for many women ! What are they really ? What are the causes of their appearance ? Can we fight … We tells you everything you did not know ( maybe) not on those streaks !

Immature vs mature stretch marks

A recent stretch mark itself ” immature ” , it is , at this stage, a purplish or red tint . The color results from the first step in its formation process : the inflammatory phase . Hormones and skin stretching undermine fibroblasts which ensure the flexibility of the dermis, the skin in response ignites. This phenomenon in turn attacks the elastin and collagen fibers , the skin is then degraded. Then begins the repair process. The skin produces new support cells to replace damaged ones , such as during wound healing . Only this fabric is thinner , less organized , less pigmented and has a ” dug ” effect : they are the stretch marks. At this stage they have a pearly white color, they are said to be ” mature ” .

Stretch marks never disappear

Whatever the method, the technique, the treatment adopted (even cosmetic surgery ) , despite what many speeches imply , it is impossible to remove 100% stretch mark once they appeared to like scars or cellulite . All you can do is mitigate to make them more discreet and aesthetic .

The hormones involved as taking a brutal weight

It is true that a rapid stretching of the skin is a major cause of a stretch mark, but it is not the only one. Also know that distension also implies that well taken violent loss of weight and distention may also come from a too intense practice sports and / or fitness!

Another major cause: the hormones cortisol and particularly! It is a steroid hormone (corticosteroid), which, if present in too large amount in blood, disrupting cells of the dermis that provide consistency and flexibility to the skin. Protein elastin that give skin elasticity and collagen which gives it its ability to resist stretching, under the effect of cortisol, they are fewer and less effective.

Treatments with cortisone (steroids) and certain endocrine diseases such as Cushing’s syndrome can also promote the appearance of stretch mark.

Adolescence : a risk period

During puberty , many women see their first stretch marks. The main cause during this period is not the weight, but once again the overproduction of cortisol . That is why even the ” thin ” girls have stretch marks .

Pregnancy: double danger

Taking more hormonal changes Sudden weight: the pregnant woman has a dual risk factor of the emergence of stretch marks. Also to be taken into account the hereditary factor , genetic as for cellulite . If your mother or your grandmother have had during pregnancy , the chances that you see your belly streak are larger.

Men also have stretch marks !

If stretch marks are located mainly on the thighs, buttocks and breasts in women, in men they usually appear at the top and bottom of the back and sometimes also on the arms . The intense practice of sport can be the cause .

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