British Muslim Protesting at Downing Street
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British Muslims protest against Charlie Hebdo

LONDON: Thousands of British Muslims protested against cartoons in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in a demonstration near the office of Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday.   The crowd marched to Downing Street holding signs reading “Charlie and the abuse factory”, “We love Prophet Muhammad more than our lives”, and “To insult is not …

Bobbi Kristina Brown with her boyfriend Nick Gordon
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Nick Gordon target on investigation

Police suspect foul play and narrowing investigation According to the media outlets police is investigating the circumstances of Bobbi Kristina brown hospitalization as during the investigation they found injuries on her body. On January 31, 2015, Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in bathtub of her home discovered by Max, friend of Nick Gordon. Police …

TransAsia Plane Crash
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TransAsia Flight crashed into Keelung River

TransAsia Plane crashed into Taiwan River, killing at least 12 passengers TransAsia flight GE 235 from Taiwan to southeastern China, crashed at 10:45am local time.  According to local media report TransAsia flight GE 235 was carrying 58 passengers and crew from Taipei to the Kinmen Islands near the Chinese mainland. According to Taiwan Aviation council …

Sweet Spinach Smoothie
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Fat Burning Smoothies Made with Weight Loss Vegetables and Fruits

Are you looking to lose your weight? Try these Fat Burning Smoothies that are Made with Fat Burning Vegetables and Fruits Food play important role in weight loss. If you are trying to Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks and wanted to know how to burn fat fast with food. Try these nutrient smoothies are …

Ebola Symptoms
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A Look at Deadly Ebola Symptoms

A Look at Deadly Ebola Symptoms Before we get on the Ebola symptoms one must have a slight understanding of this deadly disease EBOLA, Which has grabbed all the attention of Medical world in very little span of time because of its fatal nature. The disease Ebola hemorrhagic fever which is simply known as Ebola …