TransAsia Plane crashed into Taiwan River, killing at least 12 passengers

TransAsia flight GE 235 from Taiwan to southeastern China, crashed at 10:45am local time.  According to local media report TransAsia flight GE 235 was carrying 58 passengers and crew from Taipei to the Kinmen Islands near the Chinese mainland. According to Taiwan Aviation council flight crashed into the Keelung River about three minutes after takeoff, killing at least 12 passengers. 16 passengers are injured whereas, 30 passengers are still missing.

Some dramatic footage of this accident have been captured by a motorist  is circulated on social media showing the plane is tilted its wing vertically over the highway.


TransAsia Plane Crash

TransAsia Plane Crash


According to local media sources plane carried 58 passengers including 2 children and 5 crew members. Around 27 passenger have been rescued from the wreckage of the plane whereas, death toll is still rising.

According to Taiwan aviation news plane was 10 months old only and weather condition was good, Pilot issued a distress signal soon after the plane engines flamed out. However, cause of this accident is still unknown.



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