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Grey Hair : 5 tips to delay their appearance

Beauty Tips and Tricks – how to stop grey hair ?

Grey hair remedies – From a certain age, grey hair begin to appear. To hide them, many opt for a hair dye . Yet there are some other healthy and natural remedies to delay their appearance.

Onion and lemon juice Lotion

This mixture is a compound of juice of one lemon and an onion. This natural mixture is a best grey hair treatment which limits the appearance of white hair. It must be applied by rubbing on the whole of the hair and then rinse your hair with lukewarm water. It is necessary to wash your hair once or twice to remove any bad odor.

Tea serum and onion

The second natural remedy to fight against grey hair is from your kitchen by mixing tea serum and onion . Simply boil a tea bag with half peeled onion, in about 50 ounces of water , for about twenty minutes , then let it cool at room temperature. This serum required to be applied on clean hair. No need to wash your hairs after applying this serum .

Eat Food rich in copper

To slow the appearance of white hair , we must also pay attention to what we eat . We should focus on foods those are rich in copper or having positive impact on the hair fiber , especially due to the presence of elements pigmentation hair. Green vegetables like cabbage , spinach and avocado are good to protect hair graying .

A mask of sage and rosemary

To avoid coloring your hair, it is good to apply a natural mask made from sage and rosemary. The mask can be prepared by boiling a half cup of sage and a half cup of rosemary in 50 cl of water for about half an hour . After cooking , it is necessary to filter the decoction , to extract the juice , then leave it to cool. This must be applied and remain until your hair get dries. Apply this mask once a week before shampooing .

A massage with almond oil or coconut oil

Doing regular massage on your scalp promotes blood circulation of the skull and allows the healthy hair to grow. Applying a natural sweet almond oil or coconut oil , is better to hydrate hair fiber in depth. As the hair is stimulated, they are healthier and therefore less likely to grow grey hair .

We can not completely stop time, but thanks to nature, we can slow down its side effects !

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