Katy Perry Fan Kisses on neck and Gropes her while she performed in Rio de Janeiro. The singer handled it with grace, but didn’t enjoy it

Sometimes celebrities also make very questionable decisions . This is the case of Katy Perry, who surely would have preferred not to have the idea of ​​going on stage this very affectionate fan and visibly under the influence of drugs. This Katy Perry Fan Kisses on neck and Gropes Her.

She calls a fan in a concert in Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil, Sunday, September 27 , the singer has generously decided to invite one of her admirers on stage.

Then a girl appears , wearing a bra decorated with smileys. The latter rushes to the interpreter of ” Roar ” to take her in her arms but Katy Perry Fan Kisses on neck.

A pat on the buttocks

What seems like a touching gesture turns very quickly embarrassing moment when the Katy Perry Fan Kisses on neck and Gropes Her. While the pop star asked her name, at first she doesnt understand, which serves the Rayane in her arms and resting her head against her chest and ride her hands on the breasts of her idol .

Katy Perry get both embarrassed and amused and understands that the Brazilian is actually under the influence of drugs , she then exclaims ” I think she is fucked! ” .

So she chooses to distract her by talking to her . It renames the first ” Raiaiaiaia ” under the audience laughter and then asked to translate words in Portuguese .

But the diversion does not prevent the fan to continue to embrace the singer and Katy Perry Fan Kisses on neck. Katy Perry decides to make a selfie , Rayane kisses again and plays the star.

The star eventually sent her groupie off stage, with a slap on the buttocks, always with a touch of humor . It was obviously a fun concert for Katy Perry.