Nationwide manhunt ! | BKA chases the child molester from the Internet

Wiesbaden – Manhunt: He himself looks like a child – Red cheeks , glasses with gold frames . But this unknown is searched nationwide for severe sexual abuse of a child !

In an indication of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is now going with mug shots to the public . The image files that show the abuse of a boy about eleven years , stay out of victim protection reasons under wraps .


The rooms with wooden furniture and computer accessories



Unimaginable what heinous acts were carried out in this area


The man ( about 25 to 35 years old ) is suspected of sexually abusing children and to produced child pornography magazines. Images documenting the abuse of a boy in a furnished apartment . Striking thing among other things is , a bed frame with wooden blocks attached to the bedpost , of which at least one was dismantled .

The investigators believe that the boy is not the only victim . Victim and the crime scene are most likely in Germany and the crime took place in September 2003 .

Previous investigations did not lead to the identification of the unknown. Therefore, a decision on public manhunt was adopted on behalf of the Frankfurt Prosecutor General’s Office .


The man between 25 and 35 years who committed this crime

Details of Suspect

Description of the crime ( September 2003) :

► 25 to 35 years

► presumably brown hair

► clean-shaven face , birthmark on the right cheek near the right corner of the mouth , golden eyeglass frame

► normal Body

The Victim

► probably eleven

► blond hair

► slim

► normal skin type with summer tan

A reward of 5000 euros was suspended for information leading to the identification and apprehension of the perpetrator : 0611-5518444 or .

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