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Louise new teeth blows on Cake

Louise new teeth blows

102 years, Aunt Louise new teeth blows over cake instead of candles ! Hilarious New Haven (Connecticut) – Her granddaughters burns the candles on her birthday cake: Since Louise wanted Bonito made a few days earlier a proud 102 years old, of course, show how much power is still in her lungs. She took a deep breath and blew – ...

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Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0

Lionel Messi: Barcelona beat Bayern Munich

Barcelona beat Bayern Munich 3-0 UEFA Champions League FINAL SCORE: Lionel Messi scores twice and Neymar adds a third Lionel Messi scored twice and Neymar added third. Barcelona beats Bayem Munich 3-0 in UEFA Champions League semi-final. Lionel Messi scored two amazing goals just in 3 minutes to let the Barcelona win in champions league semi final.

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The Princess is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

103 Cannon Shots to welcome little Princess

Her Royal Highness , Princess of Cambridge  Charlotte Elizabeth Diana greeted with 103 cannon shots On Saturday Duchess Kate and Prince William showed her little daughter for the first time to the world . That same evening a radiant Kate left the clinic , just ten hours after birth . On Sunday, grandparents saw the little princess . Yesterday, the Kensington ...

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Devastating earthquake in the Himalayas


Nepal earthquake- Death toll passes 1000 by MyBreezyLife Top managers of Google killed on Mount Everest Kathmandu (Nepal) – On the day after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, the death toll has risen in the Himalayan region to more than 2,000. In Nepal alone 1953 deaths were registered, police said. In India, at least 53 people were killed according to ...

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