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Banana Bun Hairstyle: How to make a banana bun ?

The bun is one of the mainstays of the banana bun hairstyle and now the latest trend is allowing both casual and glamour look to adopt this hairstyle.

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Now a days the banana bun hairstyle is an ideal for medium-length and long hair but also to all hair types . Similarly , you can make it with or without fringe. Here is a small tutorial to make a banana bun hairstyle.

My banana bun stepper

To make your hair , you will need to have the following accessories :

  • Pins more or less large depending on the thickness of your hair. They will serve to properly maintain the wicks formed .
  • A comb. It will allow you to crimp your hair and give them mass .
  • A brush
  • Hairspray to secure the hairstyle


Separate your hair into two parts (front and rear). Take a section at the front and wrap it on itself. Comb the remaining back hair. Make a ponytail with your hand and twist it. Lift it and secure it with pins to hold it correctly. Your banana is created.
Cover it with your front wick. Backcomb the strands coming out of the bun to give more volume to your hair. Finally, spray hairspray throughout your hair to complete your bun.

If you have especially fine hair, do not hesitate to backcombing your hair at the base so that you will not only have volume but they will be easier to style thereafter.

At first it seems that its a difficult hairstyle, but later you will realize that its very quickly and easy once you know the method. It is possible that you might have to try several time to have hand on it but do not despair, the result is worth it!

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