Drag Me Down

One Direction become NASA astronauts for Drag Me Down

For their new video Drag Me Down , One Direction have collaborated with the US space agency to show us what life is like a NASA astronaut .

For their clip Drag Me Down, they have just released the English singers (and Irish, do not forget the blond) collaborated with NASA to get into the skin of astronauts. They then visited the famous center of Houston, Texas to don their finest spacesuits. They have become the first artists in the music industry can rotate a music video in one of the centers of the US space agency. In this clip, we see Niall Horan currently analyzing what must be an alien soil, Louis Tomlinson drive a spacecraft, a remote-controlled robot Harry Styles and Liam Payne to cardiology tests.

You certainly know, astronauts must go through many workouts and a battery of tests in order to board a spaceship and be propelled into space. This ranges from physical training in the use of materials in order to be as efficient as possible when on mission. If you expect that we declare our unconditional love for One Direction you will be disappointed. But if you’ve discovered a small Directioner side , we advise you to follow the news of these young artists with us. Meanwhile, we invite you to discover the new trailer for The Martian which also plunges us into the skin of an astronaut. So what do you think of this collaboration?

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