Madeline Stuart is an Australian aged 18. She embarked on modeling trying to change the way people look at her disease Down syndrome , she has Trisomy 21.

She has set this goal when she began intense workouts and diet she reached her goal with the support of her Rosianne mom, her boyfriend and her best friend. Rosianne said, she heard hurtful words Since the birth of her daughter, from some people who said Madeline ” would never do anything in her life ” and ” she is not to be shown in public” because she had Trisomy 21. But for her Mom, Madeline is a young woman like any other ” extraordinary , funny, intelligent and beautiful .

Trisomy 21

Trisomy 21 Trisomy 21 Trisomy 21

Madeline aims to pursue a career that will accept differences of people with their disease and to do that , she post some beautiful pictures of her on social networks and hoping to find a good agent to lead her project.

Today, the fashion industry choose the most natural and less stereotyped this is a campaign that is all the rage . We see more and more models and Top models of large size with albinism or vitiligo that make a great career and are adored by the general public .

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