Joseph wants his girlfriend to make a special marriage proposal – and goes with her to McDonald’s . The ring he hid on a burger . The two are not engaged until today.

The American Joseph Ann came up with the bright idea to make a special marriage proposal to his girlfriend  at McDonald’s in Drive-In . And to dissolve the same: the two are not engaged until today .

After a long day at work Joseph picked up his girlfriend in the evening . He tells her that he still wanted to quickly grab something to eat . The whole he recorded in a video . When he reached to Drive-In , Joseph ordered a burger menu , his girlfriend do not want anything . Once he had paid , Joseph asks the young woman to check his burger on mayonnaise , he does not like to say .

She opens the burger box and there it is: In the top half of the bun of the sandwich a sparkling engagement ring. Joseph’s girlfriend stays away the spittle. For several minutes she struggles for words, but more than a few sobs and a “You can not do so,” do not get her on the lips. Then she burst into tears.

Joseph is not to be envied in this situation. “Yes, I want” to hear hard in the assumption , he had his girlfriend already put the ring on her finger. But the young woman should be noted the uncertainty. They constantly fumbles on the ring and finally takes it off again. At the end she says: “I can not marry you.”

Here, the marriage proposal is not as unromantic as it seems at first glance. On his YouTube channel Joseph writes under the video. “I met my girlfriend two years ago in Los Angeles I’ve never been good at planning, we are stranded on our first date in this very McDonald’s we made months jokes about it that I would make you determined in ten years an application with a burger box. I thought she would love to be surprised by me unfortunately she did not liked the idea . We have finally come to the conclusion that we still should wait a while before we get engaged. “