102 years, Aunt Louise new teeth blows over cake instead of candles ! Hilarious

New Haven (Connecticut) – Her granddaughters burns the candles on her birthday cake: Since Louise wanted Bonito made a few days earlier a proud 102 years old, of course, show how much power is still in her lungs. She took a deep breath and blew – but instead of the lights blow Louise new teeth blows on the kitchen table!

aunt lou lou’s 102nd birthday

Laughter, GRANDMA CONSIDERS little more in her chair!

Louise’s granddaughter Lisa Addario had filmed this unique family moment and then posted on Instagram.

The big birthday party with the unintentionally comical deposit was held on Mother’s Day, reported “ABCNews”.

But why grandma’s teeth could ever become self-employed? Granddaughter Lisa said “ABCNews”: “She said to me that this morning she simply did not feel like applying the adhesive paste for her teeth.”

While such a situation would have been uncomfortable for many, but Louise is even grateful for her little tooth-incident!

“I have five children, twelve grandchildren and great-grandchildren 18. In our family a lot of love, “she told the TV station. “In the world there are so many problems, as I’ll be glad when we share something to laugh about.”