The Internet Social Network “Twitter” appointed Jack Dorsey  as its new Chief Executive

Twitter is a best internet social network platform which is used worldwide and you and me everyone is familiar with the best Twitter app. Twitter is embracing Jack Dorsey as its CEO in hopes. Twitters have decided that the CEO Jack Dorsey will make the twitter services good. The best internet social network twitter is deciding for last three months for the best CEO. And then they give Dorsey a chance for CEO by thinking that he will make the twitter much high as he helps the San Francisco company for more than nine years ago.

Jack Dorsey has the quality that he make the company much better and make twitter the best internet social network by adding some new features for the users by which the numbers of customer increase and they will make best use of twitter. Dorsey, 38, has the experienced as last in the month of July he tries for CEO post. According to twitter chief they believe that Dorsey is best from all CEO who have left this post because he is very good in fixing problems and have lots of experienced for making the company best. Before becoming the CEO of twitter he also worked in Apple Inc. where he took part in many iPhones, IPod and I Pad making. In Apple Inc. The company he shows a very good work and work hard to make the company high. While he was in Apple. Inc company he also worked in computer animation pioneer Pixar as CEO and worked there until the company was sold to Disney in 2006. But the twitter company is thinking that Dorsey will make the website more navigate for the users because twitter contains 300 million users whereas Facebook contain 1.5 billion users. They think that Dorsey will soon make this long distance decrease. Dorsey might attempt to draw more traffic to Twitter and engage more people by lifting the 140-character.

They think that Dorsey will give us much profit from the Internet Social Network “Twitter”. Although the company is currently generating $938 million dollars the half year.