Apple Inc Leaves Two Obvious Security Weaknesses In Mac OS X El Capitan

Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company. It has invented best hardware products MAC, IPOD, IPHONE, IPAD and many others. As you people know that nowadays Apple Inc. has launch its latest iteration of MAC OS X El  Capitan today. But there is problem in this fresh model and its features. There is only two keys weakness that the researches have warned the users to leave. The problem/weakness of this wonderful MAC OS X El Capitan,  which is launched by a great company Apple Inc, for which the researchers have warned the users is that open to password theft and malware infections both weaknesses are the part of security tools designed to prevent attacks.

In conference perennial Mac hacker Patrick Wardle at VB2015 allow attacker’s to completely checked the new model launched by Apple Inc, designed to keep unverified unsigned code off of MACS. Even where security-minded users have selected to only accept downloads from the vetted Apple App Store. In this technology Gatekeeper’s have one job to block unauthenticated codes coming from internet services. He also said in his conference that we have completely checked this model. And if you asked to me about Gatekeeper’s task “it has no obstacle at all.” He also added that “It provides much advanced protection from attacks and people should not worry the new model of Apple Inc. Is surely figured out with latest technologies. He also said “the new launch of Apple Inc. has a little bit problem while user is downloading any app, when downloading of your app completes it ran the unchecked malware in the file directory without Gatekeeper’s noticed”. Wardle told the problem we have found “Is very basic, but its effective.”

Wardle said that he didn’t advise that the users should use Apple-signed file as he used in his attack will make the MAC users in danger. He said there is a software that do what we needed, launched the app in his own directory and then stopped. But the application attack would open the directory. He said that he will found a way for a user to invisible that problem by changing the name of application.