Momento exacto erupción volcán Calbuco desde Reserva Nacional Llanquihue volcano Calbuco video shared by MyBreezyLife

A man who was in the Llanquihue National Reserve , close to the volcano, recorded  the precise moment when he made the first of two eruptions so far registered

A tourist with his camera recorded the exact time of the eruption of the volcano Calbuco . In the Llanquihue National Reserve , near the foot of the volcano, he was recording the beauty of the landscape when the volcano was uncovered .

“Not many people coming here ,” he says at the beginning of the video. ” Beautiful , the volcano back … ” is heard to say , when the volcano explodes.

The recording is short : they had to escape.

“This is the video that achieves capture the exact moment when the eruption of the volcano Calbuco National Reserve Llanquihue occurs ,” wrote the author of the video.