John Oliver puts an end to Social Networking Facebook copyright hoax

John Oliver has put an end to viral of social worldwide networking face book copyright hoax with his own facebook post. And he even managed to Mark Zuckerberg’s approval. John Oliver tell the audience about the viral of facebook post which was injurious to hoax.

The user will feel sophisticated by hoax status and it will share the declaration on user page to make them prefixes from the new changes because the famous worldwide social networking face book allow user to post that things because that was owner personal face book page. The messages which are shared on face book by the users it can only seen by Oliver mock the status. He also tells the audience about “legal clause” the post reference, which in some versions it misspells ‘statute’ and in original the correct spelling is ‘Statue’. He also added that one and only way to avoid the fake face book a change is by re-posting satirical videos messages. Which is stated “Under social media copyright act of 1934”? The users which have no more knowledge related to the privacy protection of messages hoaxes they should watch John Oliver video in which he tell the people about the protection of their personal information on Social networking face book app.

The video of John Oliver have been shared close to 90,000 times even the video have receive the approval seal by Social networking face book CEO (Mark). The hoax status is thought to have been shared thousands of times over recent weeks

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