Twitter is launching several new features for advertisers who want their campaigns to go beyond the twitter. And it’s giving the program a new name, the twitter Audience Platform.

Before launching this “Twitter Audience Platform”, last year, the company also launched something called Twitter Publisher Network, giving advertisers an interface for purchasing campaigns that ran not only in the Twitter sites and applications, but also with publishers who were working with MoPub Twitter acquired.

senior director of Twitter product revenues Ameet Ranadive told that the network now reaches 700 million people, and is getting a new name to better reflect the reasons that advertisers like it.

“It’s really around public – your goal is to reach a specific audience and leverage the original data and signs that Twitter has,” he said

Facebook also put one. emphasis on ad targeting beyond Facebook through its renewed Atlas platform. Providing broader reach for advertisers could be a particularly important challenge to Twitter, given its challenges with the user growth.

Audience Platform

As for new features, Twitter says that advertisers no longer have to focus on the handset app install or re-engagements – they can also set an objective to drive tweet comments or video views. To support this, Twitter is also introducing new ad formats, with Tweet engagement campaigns turned into interstitial and native ads in other applications and video campaigns promoted become video ads. When you see these ads, you will have the ability to retweet or favorite them directly in the ad unit.

Taken as a whole, These changes mean the Twitter Audience Could Become more appealing to a Broader group of advertisers. Again, the Publisher Network INITIALLY focused on app install ads, but Ranadive said the new units are attracting more international brand and advertisers. Brands que have already tested out the new formats with positive results include Macy’s, JBL and Samsung Mobile in the UK.

Twitter also commissioned a study from MediaScience showing that users spent 123 percent more time with Twitter Platform Audience ads than with normal mobile interstitials.

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