Berlin – Apple fans need to be patient. Because a supplier from China is unable to supply the required quality is an important component for the Apple Watch, customers need to wait weeks for the SmartWatch. But the test shows that it pays to wait for the Apple Watch, even if it is not a perfect product.

The tested SmartWatch with 42-millimeter stainless steel case and bracelet feels very pleasant on the wrist. The sapphire screen goes without edges over into the housing. The bracelet not only meets the quality requirements, as they are known from Swiss precious brands, but can also be cut without tools to the appropriate extent. For initial setup of Apple Watch you need an actual iPhone (5, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus), which runs with the iOS version 8.3. Android smartphones are not supported.

In an iPhone with many installed apps will take about three minutes until the Apple Watch has given an overview of the smart phone applications can communicate with the clock. Then you should take some time to define in detail which iPhone app may trigger a notification to the Apple Watch. Finally, we want to avoid that the clock on your wrist constantly vibrates, just because about an acquaintance has published a trivial photo again in a social network.

The Apple Watch has a AMOLED screen with a resolution of 272 times 340 pixels. The image appears crisp sharp, the colors look strong and brilliantly made. The brightness was set in the test regardless of the battery life to the maximum, so that the screen is easy to read even in bright surroundings.

The Apple Watch dominated three disciplines: Firstly, it is a watch for other health and fitness tracker and finally a versatile computer on the wrist for which there are now more than 3,700 apps. Is the iPhone near, you can make calls via the Apple Watch also. The dial of the watch Apple shows a classic chronograph, but also playful Mickey Mouse-pointer, the current moon phase or a number of other “complications” to. To activate the screen from the power saving mode, you have to raise the wrist or tap the digital crown. By pressing the crown twice in quick succession, the last used app is displayed.

As a fitness tracker that Apple Watch can record not only steps when walking or jogging and crested stages include, but also bike rides and workouts on a stepper, cross trainer or rowing exercise machine. Just for swimming, the Apple Watch is not compatible. Although the SmartWatch has a “protection against temporary submersion” according to the standard IPX7, but even a hard water jet in the shower could put the clock incapacitated.

The clock In addition to the Apple Apps “activity” and “workout” is working with several known sports apps as “Runtastic” or “trails”, which will then also access the GPS data of the iPhone. A decent work-out, in which measured one hour the pulse and at the same time music is streamed from the clock on a wireless Bluetooth headset, consumes one-fifth of the energy capacity. In a less athletic use in daily life of Apple Watch battery with 205 mAh (mAh) holding capacity considerably longer. So stand on certain days during the test in the evening still a “power reserve” of around 40 percent is available. However, Apple assumes that the clock every night is charged.
At the beginning of the test reduced the constant communication between Apple and iPhone Watch the battery life of smartphones noticeably. However, this effect almost completely disappeared after a few days, because the iPhone was significantly less brought out of hibernation, because many activities took place exclusively on the Apple Watch. The clock registered incidentally exactly whether the paired iPhone is actively being used or not. So leave messages only the Apple Watch vibrate when the iPhone screen is off.
Pressing a button below the crown calls the communications center of the clock. Here appear up to twelve favorites, you can take over from the iPhone or invest individually at the Apple Watch. Text messages can easily dictate with Siri or choose from a list of pre-formulated messages à la “I’m on my way”. The voice input with Siri, which is activated with the command “Hey Siri” or a long press on the crown, works reliably. You can also issue commands and for example start a navigation through the virtual assistant. Also it works smoothly.
Particularly frequently used apps can be put in the “Glances”. This sector, the Apple has in this country named “checks”, can be achieved if you can sweep on the dial upwards. Here you can see for example an overview of the sporting activities, the current pulse or the weather forecast. Contrary to the fears of data protection can be the reading of the sensitive health and fitness data prevent in the preferences. In the “Checks” are also found extremely handy feature that you can leave the ring coupled iPhone when you have misplaced it somewhere in the apartment.

Apps, need to retrieve the content from the Internet, a time need long until you see the desired information about the Weather app or stock ticker. This could be done more quickly. The construction of some apps still leaves room for improvement. Thus, the Twitter app shows only either at the latest Tweet from its own timeline or the current hot topic. Individual Twitter user or a particular topic can not pursue on the watch with the app. Users can hope for quick improvements here but. And every day come out new apps that make Apple Watch valuable. Some of the “Car Location Finder”: With this app you can save with a push of a button the location of his parked car on the clock and the iPhone and find the car in bad short-term memory later in the street crowd.

In addition to the design of the clock itself the apps when competition from Apple will be crucial with the competing SmartWatch manufacturers. The apps for the Apple Watch run without distinction to the three model lines: the Apple Watch Sports (349-449 euros), the tested here Apple Watch (649-1249 euros) and the ridiculously expensive golden Apple Watch Edition that between 11 000 and EUR 18 000 costs.

The first generation of Apple Watch is certainly not perfect . In particular, the short duration of the batteries , which enforces a daily recharging , tarnishes somewhat promising impression the Apple Watch has produced in the test . Their full potential is the SmartWatch unfold in the coming weeks and months with new , customized apps . For owners of an iPhone that do not pick up the phone out of your pocket for every little thing that Apple Watch could be an integral part of their digital lifestyle quickly .
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