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The prison of Palmyra , emblem of the repression of the Syrian regime

The prison of Palmyra

Various people had shared several pictures of the alleged destruction of the prison of Palmyra on social media, with images of explosion and destroyed buildings. The prison of Palmyra, whose name alone terrified Syrians, now not more. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights The city of Palmyra has ” largely been destroyed (Saturday 30 May) after the IS ...

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Microsoft Windows 10 launch with ” Candy Crush Saga “

Microsoft windows 10

Berlin – Microsoft plans to offer its operating system Microsoft Windows 10 depending on the device and application in seven Edition. In addition, the popular smartphone game “Candy Crush” should be automatically installed. Microsoft Windows 10 is expected to come in the summer in 190 countries and 111 languages ​​on the market, the company announced. Some versions should give it ...

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SmartWatch: The Apple Watch in review


Berlin – Apple fans need to be patient. Because a supplier from China is unable to supply the required quality is an important component for the Apple Watch, customers need to wait weeks for the SmartWatch. But the test shows that it pays to wait for the Apple Watch, even if it is not a perfect product. The tested SmartWatch ...

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