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Internet social network “Twitter” Hired Dorsey As CEO

Internet Social Network

The Internet Social Network “Twitter” appointed Jack Dorsey  as its new Chief Executive Twitter is a best internet social network platform which is used worldwide and you and me everyone is familiar with the best Twitter app. Twitter is embracing Jack Dorsey as its CEO in hopes. Twitters have decided that the CEO Jack Dorsey will make the twitter services good. ...

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15 million T-mobile customers’ data stolen in hack

15 million T-mobile customers' data stolen in hack

The telecom operator T-Mobile US is the US subsidiary of German Deutsche Telekom, announced on Thursday What Personal Data of 15 million customer have been stolen T-Mobile the best Smartphone seller have been hack their accounts by the hackers. Hackers have stolen maximum 15 million customer private information of the mobile operator. Personal information stolen by the Hackers includes the ...

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Speculations about sales of Apple Watch

sales of Apple Watch

Two months have passed since the kick off pre-orders for Apple Watch, and Apple has not officially communicated on the sales of Apple Watch . This silence obviously fueling speculation and pushing analysts to construct all kinds of models to try to assess its success – or not – by the Cupertino company. Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research firm ...

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